When leader Mat S experienced an ad for a 1971 Mach 1 Mustang top top Craigslist, i m sorry the seller asserted had had a 429 Cobra Jet in it, the knew he needed to take a look at it. He didn’t understand much around these cars, therefore he spent a work researching and also learning about them. Once it finally came time to walk take a look in ~ it, he to be hoping it would certainly be a real J-Code 429 car. After ~ a rapid glance at the VIN, he saw what he to be hoping come see, the J-Code. He conveniently bought it, loaded it increase on his trailer, and took the home.

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As quickly as he gained home he sent out for the Marti Report, i beg your pardon he got the following morning. While the was waiting for it to arrive, he started investigating the car closer. He currently knew the original 429 had actually been replaced with a 351, yet he likewise noticed the the brake pedal was rather small and that the automatic infection would shift without the vital in it. Through these discoveries, that knew the car had initially come with a manual. As soon as he finally received the Marti Report, he found it had come v a close ratio four speed manual, 3.50 Traction-Loc behind axle, and the 370 hp lamb Air 429 Cobra Jet.


Mat has actually already set about cleaning his Mach 1 up, yet it is in require of a complete restoration. There space a the majority of pieces that are either missing or will need replacing. He hopes that his 2 sons will be may be to assist him with the project as they acquire older. In the meantime, he is hunting for a exactly 429 Cobra Jet and a close ratio 4 speed because that it, which could be a difficult task.


After contacting a friend, who has actually a ’73 Mustang, Mat uncovered it’s a small world we live in. His friend taken place to recognize this Mustang ago when the vault owner’s Uncle still owned it. He also has photos and also videos the it earlier in the ’80s. This look at to be a good starting point for a project and we room sure Mat and also his family members will gain working top top it and driving it as soon as it’s completed. Special many thanks to Mat and his family members for sharing their uncover with us and also we wish them the best with it!


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