Let"s acquire it, i can"t wait to trick manIt"s gonna be so sweetSummer"s mineYeah, the summer"s mineYeah, the summer"s mineStill like, "Can you hit it through your OVO goose on?"

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I"m like, "What space you on?"Told me that she 2 on, ha, that"s cute us a couple of onI might show girlfriend what to do in this bitchTake the addy with the water pop two and then sipMe, you and your bitch and we talkin" bout life, love too and also this dickFirst I had actually her in the six, climate we had actually her in the sixYou recognize I got another bar because that yaI"mma chill baby, we don"t want the devil in this bitch, nawGot bad one us could speak to it Kelly RowlandOoh she gain the jelly rollin"I can Nelly in the tellyCause she open I can tell she from Oakland, PasadenaWhat upI love to gain on, ns love to get 2 onI love to acquire on, i love to gain 2 onI love to gain on, i love to get 2 on
I love to obtain on, i love to acquire 2A nigga acquired a woosahComin" at me never work no matter who tryI obtained "em every a cheque without the woo-hahFlip modes on ya rapid got a few sidesComin" from the 6 sideWhere niggas goin" shower head posse simply to acquire byStay true never ever switch sidesYea, the video game turn me into this guyYea, and also now every time Drake outCameras always flashing tryna put me top top the TakeoutCrib in Calabasas guy I speak to that shit the for sure houseThirty minute from L.A. The shit is way outTil D work that"s where I"m stayin"You deserve to hear that in my voice I"m goin" way inYea, OB that my brother choose a Wayans
Ya recognize I only present up if you payin", niggaYea, I constantly been on, I always been 2 onFor choose the past five years all these niggas wanna shineI gained a flashlight below manBout come hit the gas right below manAn old heart livin" in the past life here manYou, lug the cash right here manMiracles, sit your ass right here manYou understand I dislike to wait, that"s why I obtain it an initial and you get it lateYea, OVO sound that male that"s everydayIt"s Young Money Records get the document straightI love to get on, ns love to acquire 2 onI love to gain on, i love to gain 2She loves to get on, she loves to obtain 2 onShe loves to get on, she loves to get 2

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You"re for this reason thotful you"re therefore thotfulYou"re so negative girl, you"re therefore awfulI fuck you ideal in mine officeYou go tell your friends you"re honestThat"s why all her friends space onYou recognize you made me a promiseWe"re no in this for commitmentYour man"s gone and also you don"t miss himBook friend flights and also confirmationSouthwest airline you"ll still take itHell the a week because that you chasing that paperEven despite you"re tired you"re tho gonna do it girlYou"re so thotful you"re therefore thotfulYou"re for this reason thotful you"re so thotfulYou"re for this reason thotful you"re so thotfulYou love to gain 2 onAnd girlfriend know, and you know, and also you knowAnd you recognize that I placed you onAnd friend know, that"s something girlfriend knowAnd friend know, girlfriend love to acquire 2 On