After troubleshooting a router, the network administrator desires to conserve the router construction so the it will certainly be used instantly the next time that the router reboots. What command have to be issued?a. Copy startup-config flashb. Copy running-config flashc. Reloadd. Copy startup-config running-confige. Copy running-config startup-config

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Which IPv4 header field is responsible for defining the priority the the packet?​a. Traffic classb. Circulation labelc. Flagsd. Identified services

When connectionless protocols are applied at the lower layers that the OSI model, what space usually offered to identify the data receipt and request the retransmission of absent data?a. Move layer UDP protocolsb. Upper-layer connection-oriented protocolsc. Connectionless acknowledgementsd. Network great IP protocols

Why is NAT not essential in IPv6?​a. Any host or user can obtain a publicly IPv6 network deal with because the variety of available IPv6 addresses is very large.​b. The end-to-end connectivity troubles that are led to by NAT are solved because the variety of routes boosts with the number of nodes that are connected to the Internet.c. Due to the fact that IPv6 has combined security, over there is no need to hide the IPv6 addresses of inner networks.​d. The difficulties that are induced by NAT applications space solved due to the fact that the IPv6 header improves packet handling by intermediate routers.​

a. Any kind of host or user can gain a publicly IPv6 network deal with because the variety of available IPv6 addresses is very large.​

Refer to the exhibit. Fill in the blank.A packet leave PC-1 has to traverse _____ hops to reach PC-4.​


Which 2 interfaces will allow accessibility via the VTY lines come configure the router? (Choose two.)a. Console interfacesb. USB interfacesc. WAN interfacesd. LAN interfacese. Aux interfaces

A technician is manually configuring a computer system with the vital IP parameters to communicate over the that company network. The computer already has an IP address, a subnet mask, and a DNS server. What else has to be configured for internet access?a. The default gateway addressb. The MAC addressc. The domain name of the organizationd. The WINS server address

Which three commands are offered to collection up a password for a person who attaches a cable to a brand-new router so that an early stage configuration can be performed? (Choose three.)a. Password ciscob. Line vty 0 4c. Line console 0d. User interface fastethernet 0/0e. Enable secret ciscof. Login

Match the configuration setting with the command the is easily accessible in the mode. (Not all options are used.)


Sort elementsenable -> R1>copy running-config startup-config -> R1#login -> R1(config-line)#interface fastethernet 0/0 -> R1(config)#

Refer come the exhibit. Enhance the packets through their destination IP attend to to the exiting interfaces on the router. (Not all alternatives are used.)


Sort elementsFastEthernet0/0 -> packets with location of -> packets with destination of -> packets with location of -> packets with location of -> packets with location of

Which statement about router interfaces is true?a. Commands that apply an IP deal with and subnet mask come an user interface are gotten in in worldwide configuration mode.b. When the no shutdown command is given, a router user interface is energetic and operational.c. Router LAN interfaces are not set off by default, however router WAN interfaces are.d. A configured and also activated router user interface must be linked to another maker in order come operate.

d. A configured and also activated router interface must be connected to another maker in order to operate.

A technician is configuring a router the is proactively running on the network. Suddenly, strength to the router is lost. If the technician has not saved the configuration, i beg your pardon two species of information will it is in lost? (Choose two.)a. Routing tableb. ARP cachec. Cisco IOS photo filed. Startup configuratione. Bootstrap file

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Match field names to the IP header where they would certainly be found. (Not all alternatives are used)


Does the router have sufficient RAM and also flash storage to support the new IOS?a. The router needs an ext RAM and an ext flash memory for the IOS upgrade.b. The router has sufficient RAM, however needs much more flash memory for the IOS upgrade.c. The router has enough RAM and flash storage for the IOS upgrade.d. The router has enough flash memory, yet needs an ext RAM for the IOS upgrade.