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The civilization has undergone virtually immeasurable changes in the years in between the publication of A Perfect Circle’s third and 4th albums. 14 year is conveniently quantifiable, but any type of attempt to qualified the scale of the changes that the people has seen during that expectancy of years would most certainly be an exercise in futility. And yet, with Eat the Elephant, A Perfect one attempt exactly that, or in ~ least, that is part of their goal. More accurate might be the band’s decision to usage this album as a way for communicating just how devastating to humanity and also to the human being spirit our current reality, shame by our past and also our own consumptive greed, has been and continues come be.

Any creative product including Maynard James Keenan, the co-writer and most significant band member of A Perfect Circle, will certainly be shame by his intelligence and also his eloquent cynicism. Lyrically, this is yet another reminder of the breadth and depth of his humanity, though it is as ever before soured by society, religion, politics, and our culture of greed. “Disillusioned” is a study in consumption, v our interconnection as people the cost, if “The Doomed” is a damning portrait of present-day values the closes with the lines

“Doomed are the poor,Doomed are the peaceful,Doomed are the meek,Doomed are the merciful …Fuck the doomed, you on her own”. 

Most interesting of any kind of of the album’s offerings, “So Long, and also Thanks because that the Fish” might be the most tongue-in-cheek song about our brewing atomic doom that has ever been written, both lyrically and also sonically, specifically considering the source. In all, this is less a return to type and an ext a corrosive reminder the Keenan and also this band’s capacity to handmade an album roughly blistering, relevant social commentary. 

Musically, there is little new ground being broken here as well as the consists of strings and quasi-orchestral species on a grasp of the songs. Various other than “So Long, and also Thanks because that the Fish” and “Hourglass” (the album’s one big miss), much of this album would certainly sit comfortable alongside any kind of of the band’s other releases musically.

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The end an outcome is that the entirety thing ends up feeling a little bit same-ish and also predictable. The album together a entirety is conserved by the acerbic wit and also poke-in-the-eye lyrical style, yet still fails to important transform the listener in the means that plenty of had hoped for, specifically considering the band’s riches of talent.