"A Potato Flew about My Room" is a misheard lyric native Frank Ocean"s 2012 R&B tune "Thinkin" Bout You" that came to be a famous subject of online mockeries ~ above Vine after that was very first said through Viner pg bree in a video clip clip that uploaded in October 2014.

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On October 14th, 2014, Viner pg bree uploaded a video clip of herself to sing a lyric indigenous the tune “Thinkin Bout You,” in i m sorry he incorrectly sings the word “tornado” as “potato” (shown below). In the an initial two weeks, the video gained almost 10 million views, an ext than 169,000 likes and 147,000 revines.

The Vine has due to the fact that been removed. However, on November 8th, 2014, YouTuber<5> TrendingSound uploaded the video, wherein it has due to the fact that received an ext than 2,000 views together of February 2018.

"A potato flew approximately before you come excuse the…"


On October 18th, Viner lil syd from the trap<2> uploaded a video clip of a potato tied to a rotate ceiling fan and also accompanied by the audio track from pg bree"s original video, i beg your pardon garnered upwards that 150,000 likes and also 144,000 revines in ripe days (shown below, left). Top top October 23rd, Viner KingJone$<3> uploaded a video clip that Frank s singing “Thinkin Bout You” v pg bree"s covering rendition dubbed over the initial track (shown below, right).

On October 26th, Tumblr user condom<1> it is registered a article containing the phrase "A potato flew about my room prior to you came," i m sorry accumulated an ext than 230 notes in the very first 24 hours.

As of late October 2014, over there are more than 1,400 videos connected with the phrase "a potato flew around" ~ above Vine.<4>





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What could have simply been a sweet "wife guy" post was loaded through just sufficient subtext come get civilization mad.

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