A brief Walk in a quite Town is a key story mission in Red Dead Redemption 2 offered by bill Williamson, as component of chapter 3.

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It\"s the 41° mission in chronological stimulate of the RDR2 story mode, played through protagonist Arthur Morgan.

A quick Walk in a Pretty town - Mission Details:

Arthur, Micah, Bill and Sean go to meet some that the Gray boys in Rhodes to comment on a protection job.

Mission Objectives

Gold Medal missions (100%)

The following are the Mission Objectives compelled to obtain the yellow Medal in the mission \"A quick Walk in a nice Town\":

Kill 3 Lawmen in Dead Eye while saving BillComplete using only sidearmsComplete within 4 minutes 30 secondsGet 20 headshotsComplete the mission without taking any health items

Note: friend must finish all gold Medal demands in one single playthrough that the mission.

Bill Williamson
Protagonist (Playable)Arthur MorganLocationRhodes (Scarlett Meadows, Lemoyne)
FeaturingLeigh GrayArchibald MacGregorSean MacGuireGray Family

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