I ran right into this an extremely issue now morning and found the equipment for that too. This issue is developed when you have messed up among your .xml files. I"ll imply you go through them one through one and also look because that recent transforms made. It might be brought about by a silly mistake.

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In my case, ns accidentally hardcoded a shade string together #FFFFF(Bad practice, ns know). Together you deserve to see it had 5 F rather of 6. That didn"t show any type of warning however was the root of the same worry as encountered by you.

Edit 1: an additional thing you can do is to operation assembleDebug in her gradle console. The will find the particular line for you.

Edit 2: including an image for recommendation to operation assembleDebug.


AAPT2 Error solution.

If your Android studio has actually been updated.

Maybe, friend would face an error in the studio prefer "AAPT 2 error: examine the log because that details"

This error will take place when you have done something not correct in her .xml paper such as incorrect value, content no found, etc.

But, At that time you will not have the error specification there. Due to the fact that the new version the Android Studio does not give you a details error. It offers like AAPT2 error.

If you desire to know where the really error is then

Follow step.

Look in ~ the dashboard which is at the best of her Android studio inspect out the "Gradle" tab and click top top it. You will view the "app" option. Click it. In the app choices you will view build> click on it. Then you will certainly get choices list and see "assembleDebug" dual click ~ above it. Keep the patience and See construct tab in ~ the bottom panel of Android studios, you will certainly get precise error there what girlfriend made a mistake in which paper and i m sorry position.

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The error could be cause by non-ASCII signs in gradle path. E.g. Cyrillic icons of the user folder. So, the difficulty is solved just by convert to another directory v ASCII-only path.


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