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"It"s Paw Patrol and I want to it is in a hero to my kids and everyone else"s children forever," said the 42-year-old rocker that his "Good Mood" tune, including that "it"s simply a happy, fun, sort of free-lovingjam."

In enhancement toLevine"s participation, various other celebrity parents consisting of Dax Shepard, Kim Kardashian West, Tyler Perry, and also Jimmy Kimmel are lending your voices to the family film -- and receiving some severe street cred with their kids.

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"Hi everyone, I"m Dolores, your soon to be favourite poodle," Kardashian West claims in a behind-the-scenes look in ~ the do of the movie.

"My youngsters are the biggest Paw Patrol fans," the mommy of four exclaims. "My boy hardly talks. ...He sayspaw paw every time he wants to clock Paw Patrol."

Meanwhile, Perry is the voice of Gus and says his 6-year-old son, Aman, is also thrilled the his father is affiliated in the movie.

"He loves Skye and Chase and Zuma. I recognize the theme song choose the ago of my mind," that quips. "...That"s the reason I said yes. Ns really want to it is in a component of something the he could appreciate as much as i do."

Shepard"s daughters, 6-year-old Delta and 8-year-old Lincoln, were in shock the their dad was liked for a function in the movie. "When ns got associated in the movie, very first of all they couldn"t even believe that," recalls Shepard, who plays Ruben. "I don"t think they believed I to be talented enough to it is in a part of the Paw Patrol family."

Kimmel, that is voicingMarty Muckracker,also had actually trouble convincinghis kids, 4-year-old Billy and also 7-year-old Jane, the his function in the film. "I have actually been informing them, trying to describe to them the Daddy"s in the Paw Patrol movie," the late-night organize jokes. "I"m confident this will make me a large shot at least for a pair of days."

The children flick also starsIain Armitage together the voice that Chase,Marsai Martin voicing Liberty andYara Shahidi as the voice that Kendra Wilson.

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Paw Patrol is out to conserve Adventure City"s evil new mayor from ruining the town in the movie that hits theaters and Paramount+ on Aug. 20. Together for Levine"s "Good Mood" song and also music video, those will be exit on Friday.


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