Adam Levine Destroys Jimmy Fallon in Musical Impressions Game

‘Tonight Show’ organize declares Maroon 5 frontmale “the champ” after spirited late-night game

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Throughout his late-night tenure, Jimmy Fallon has reigned as King of the Musical Impression. (Remember his take on Neil Youngsinging theFresh Princetheme? ‘Nuff said.) But the comedian faced stiff competition on Tuesday night’sTonight Show, as Maroon 5 frontman/The Voicecoach Adam Levine unleaburned an eclectic arsenal of sonic send-ups in a game referred to as “Wheel of Musical Impressions.”

At the start of the clip, Fallon introduces his competitorby pincreasing his abilities, yet Levine responds with borderline embarrassment. “I’m not Jimmy Fallon style,” he states modestly, “but I can carry out some things.”

The initially of those “things” is a solid approximation of Frank Sinatra‘s smooth croon on “Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes.” (“Give me something snappy and also take that bass line for a walk,” the singer instructs house band the Roots, referencing the timeless jazz flute scenefrom Anchorman. We’ll let it slide, Levine, but the quote is technically, “Keep the cymbals splashy, and also Jerry, let’s take the bass line for a walk.”)

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Levine fares also much better impersonating Michael Jackson‘s quivering vibrato on the Sesame Streetdesign template, though Fallon evens the score through a surefire staple: Bob Dylan singing Magic!’s reggae-tinted “Rude.” (“Why you gotta be so ruuuuuuude?!” he whines in Dylan’s tradenote nasal tone.) Fallon’s falsetto-fueled take onIggy Azalea doing “Old McDonald Had a Farm” is less superior (though props for“Let’s get drunk on the mini-BARN”), and also Levine clinches his victory with a brooding impersonation of Pearl Jam frontmale Eddie Vedder singing nursery rhyme “The Muffin Man.”

Even Fallon acknowledges the defeat, advertising Levine “the champ” after the pair tag-team the melismatic “Muffin Man” outro with a collection of passionate grunts.

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