Nike Air pressure 1 LowBoys' grade School•Black/Metallic Silver/Dark exhilaration GreySale, Price decreased from $90.00 to $79.99$79.99$90.00
Nike Air force 1 LowBoys' Preschool•White/White/BlackSale, Price decreased from $70.00 come $49.99$49.99$70.00
Nike Air force 1 LowBoys' Preschool•White/RedSale, Price lessened from $70.00 come $59.99$59.99$70.00
Nike Air pressure 1 LowBoys' Preschool•White/University Red/WhiteSale, Price reduced from $62.00 to $49.99$49.99$62.00
Nike Air force 1 LowBoys' great School•Black/Black/WhiteSale, Price diminished from $90.00 to $79.99$79.99$90.00
Nike Air pressure 1 LowBoys' great School•White/Black/Photon DustSale, Price decreased from $90.00 come $69.99$69.99$90.00
Nike Air force 1 LowBoys' grade School•Black/WhiteSale, Price lessened from $80.00 come $59.99$59.99$80.00
Nike Air force 1 LowBoys' Preschool•White/Metallic Silver/BlackSale, Price decreased from $70.00 come $59.99$59.99$70.00
What’s in a name? A entirety lot, if you in a pair that Nike Air force 1 short Shoes. This iconic kicks changed the sports civilization the moment they were introduced in high-top form back in 1982. The lighter weight, low-profile edition showed up a year later.

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The large deal about these sneakers? They were the an initial basketball pair of shoes to incorporate innovative Nike wait technology, which is responsible because that the significant bounce and energy return the comes through every jump, step, and also kick ~ above the court. And, due to the fact that they’re for this reason comfortable, they’re basic to wear almost everywhere — think hardcourts, hardwoods, blacktop, and everywhere in between. Eventually, the style came to be as lot a lifestyle choice as a sports essential.

Go Low

The AF1 low is a legend in its own right, largely since it’s for this reason versatile. Accessible for men, women, and also kids, they’ve featured many colorways end the years. Yes sir the classic white, a wardrobe staple that, even today, remains as renowned as the work it to be released. That effortless, simple, and easy come pair with whatever from Nike shorts to leggings.

More than just stylish, the lower-profile edition, made through high-quality leather the conforms come the foot, lends the wearer an very comfortable experience.

Pop Prestige

It helps the the AF1 collection has actually serious star power to the credit, too. Designer Bruce Kilgore likely had no idea the the shoe would be together an enormous success or have actually such an incredible impact on the pop culture world. Marketing efforts were restricted — the very first print advertisements featured the likes that Moses Malone and also Bobby Jones spreading the love for the high tops.

But as soon as the AF1 low arrived, things took a revolve for the timeless. Over there was tremendous appeal through a white-on-white shoe the went through absolutely everything, that was favored as lot for streetwear as athletic wear, and that recorded the attention of well-known hip-hop artists roughly the world. Well-known artists routinely referred to as the kicks the end in their lyrics, only including to the pop society madness.

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Mixed Up

You’ll never turn earlier once friend see and also feel what the exaggeration is all about. Even much better is the easy method that the AF1 low pairs with Nike apparel and accessories. Try some track pants and also a loose-fit T-shirt because that an effortless everyday look, or save it trendy in leggings and also a chop top. Those kicks have never looked for this reason good.