The waiting Max Audacity 2016 is a budget high-top model from Nike. Its top is do of foam-backed synthetic mesh v fuse reinforcements in high-wear areas. The plush cushioning system features a combination of Phylon and also Air Max. Come make sure that that grips the courts well, the hard rubber outsole functions a distinctive multidirectional traction pattern.

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Cushion. The midsole that the Audacity 2016 is make of full-length phylon. It has actually a wait Max unit strategically placed at the hoe so that harsh landings deserve to be successfully cushioned.

Traction. The multidirectional sample on the rubber outsole is usually herringbone with geometric adjustments in the middle. These adjustments are small circular and also oval forms arranged in together a means that they look like very closely laid the end pebbles. This sample is actually a carry over indigenous 2015’s waiting Max Audacity model.

Length and Width. Though reviews on exactly how the Nike wait Max Audacity 2016 fits are actually fairly varied, more are saying the this fits true come size. New buyers can go v their normal Nike sizes, but it will certainly still be far better if they obtain to try the shoe on prior to they make the purchase.

Lockdown. Lockdown is in component dependent on how the shoes fits, and also the shoe is said to be typically true to size. Should there be a require for adjustments, the wearer have the right to easily readjust how strictly the shoelaces are tied. To administer support in ~ the behind part, there is a TPU heel counter. The base of the shoes is additionally a bit prolonged along the lateral next so that it have the right to serve as an outrigger that provides support to rapid directional changes and aggressive footwork.

The 2016 version of the Nike waiting Max Audacity is make of man-made mesh the is backed v foam in part areas. This breathable material has actually fuse overlays on high-wear point out such as the toe and also the area wherein the eyelets are.

The high-top wait Max Audacity yes, really looks an extremely athletic, for this reason its finest paired with energetic wear such together joggers and also sweatshirts. It has actually a large Swoosh the starts on the midfoot and also extends up to the mid lateral side. The optimal of the tongue has the ‘AIRMAX AUDACITY’ callout. ‘2016’ is enrolled on the lace loop at the center of the tongue. An additional Swoosh shows up at the back, and it starts from the rear medial side and also extends approximately the center of the heel.

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The 2016 variation of the Nike wait Max Audacity is exit in a lot of colorways. The complying with are simply some:

Black/Metallic Silver/RedBlack/Reflect Silver-WhiteBlack/Reflect Silver/White/PlatinumWhite/Midnight Navy/Pure Platinum/University RedWhite/Reflect Silver/Black/Wolf Gray
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