Alex Saxon Biography

Alex Saxon is an American actor that is finest known for play Wyatt in The Fosters and also Max in finding Carter. Saxon has additionally had duties in other television series such as: azer (2011); beam Donovan (2013–2015); The proponents (2013); and also The Mentalist (2015).

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He has had actually works on big screen productions such as in The Olivia Experiment (2012), Chapman (2013), and Compound Fracture (2013).

Alex majored in Psychology and Applied an important Thought and also Inquiry from wilhelm Jewell College.

Alex Saxon Age

Saxon to be born top top September 10, 1987 in Liberty, Missouri, joined States. He is 31 years old as of 2018.

Alex Saxon Girlfriend

Alex is dating Santa Monica native Hannah Marks. Hannah is one actress and filmmaker who obtained nominated because that the video game Changer award. She is generally known as Missy Kallenback in the blockbuster movie, The remarkable Spiderman.


Alex Saxon

Alex Saxon Career

It was then announced the Saxon had been hired for a recurring duty in The Fosters in 2013. It is a FreeForm drama developed by Peter Paige and Bradley Bredeweg. Saxon also gained the recurring role of Max ~ above the MTV drama detect Carter.

He to be only initially hired for the pilot illustration of finding Carter, but was climate brought back on a recurring communication after show runner Terri Minsky to be impressed through his very first scene. Saxon to be later informed by Terri the his character to be to be eliminated off towards the end of the very first season. A month later, he was then told that decision had actually been reversed as both Minsky and the network executives discovered that Saxon together Max was so likeable. Alex showed up in MTV promotional clip alongside his detect Carter co-star Anna Jacoby-Heron because that the channel’s Scream tv series.

Alex Saxon The Fosters

Alex portrays Wyatt in the ABC family series, The Fosters. The is Callie’s first boyfriend , through whom she operation away. Wyatt later returns during the 2nd and third season before they break up.

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Alex Saxon beam Donovan

Alex plays Chloe in episode 2 of season 1 of ray Donovan. Chloe is blackmailing Tommy due to the fact that she requirements some money because that a sex change. However, this doesn’t faze beam at all. He’s not surprised, he has seen that all, and he is no going to judge anyone. The is yet even forgiveness of Chloe’s situation. Yet then beam still has actually a customer to protect. So he division in, somewhat violently, to she apartment and forcefully takes all the duplicates of the sex tape.

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