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The store a kid Alive initiative gives medication come treat AIDS for children and families, primarily in Africa. In 2005, Bono and also Alicia secrets recorded the tune “Don’t offer Up” and released the song through iTunes. All proceeds native the revenue of the track were offered for “Keep a child Alive”. Bono and also Alicia Keys an initial sang the song at The black color Ball, a fund-raiser in new York City, held on November 3, 2005 for the charity. Keys performed live while Bono participated via video clip at a remote location. The track was later recorded for a release through iTunes and was ready for world AIDS Day with the tune going on revenue Decmeber 6, 2005. The track was created by Steve Lillywhite. The song is a cover of a song originally performed by Peter Gabriel and also Kate shrub in 1986, however here it has actually been renamed through the “(Africa)” together an addition. The tune was co-produced by Alicia Keys and longtime U2 producer Steve Lillywhite.

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On the recording keys said: ““I love this song and also I love Bono. I really respect what he has actually done for Africa and also how he has used fame to do good in the world. Ns hope I have the right to do as much in mine life.” Keys and also Bono would certainly revisit the song and perform the on The Oprah Winfrey show on October 12, 2006 (broadcast ~ above the complying with day).

An accompanying video clip for the track was filmed by Kristen Ashburn. The video clip features photographs that children and adults who space struggling with the effects of AIDS. It likewise shows the text “Don’t give Up” followed by different nation names, urging the nations not to provide up. A ringtone version of the song was likewise released, and proceeds indigenous the ringtone additionally went to store a child Alive.

The track was released as a single song v a straightforward cover embedded in the file with the name of the song, “Alicia” and also “Bono” and a heat “iTunes to exclude, AIDS charity solitary proceeds advantage Keep A child Alive”. It has actually only been commercially released in this format. There have actually been reports the a promotional single from Japan, but examination of those singles reflects that they are most most likely a fake created in China. At this time the tune is no longer available for download on iTunes. It was removed from iTunes after only a couple of months.

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Liner Notes

No timeless liner note in this digital just release.

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