I think we are hope shame creatures–meaning our hope in the future determines exactly how we behave in the present. If we think our future is walk filled with happiness and abundance, we will certainly behave, today, in means that reflect that belief.

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I’m likewise a pan of the quote “Always believe that something wonderful is about to happen!” In fact, ns regularly post a graphic of that quote come my society media accounts.

However, i think the quote has the potential to foster the “I’ll be happy when…” syndrome.

You see, her life will certainly not it is in wonderful until you decide the your life is wonderful.

If friend have set a goal with the idea the you will certainly be happy, fulfilled, loved, successful, etc., once you attain the goal, that is a potentially toxic goal. It is toxic since you have linked feeling those feelings to the accomplishment of the goal. In reality, they are linked to you making the decision to feel those feelings.

If you achieve the goal and don’t magically feel successful, you will certainly say to yourself “I guess that wasn’t what i needed” and you’ll set a different goal and continue ~ above the toxic treadmill of score setting.

If, however, you achieve the goal and you do feel fulfilled (or among those other feelings), that is due to the fact that you made a decision to feel the feeling.

Another thing to consider is the you deserve to make the decision to feel fulfilled, loved, or successful, right now, there is no having completed the goal. If you do that, girlfriend will find it much less complicated to attain your goals because you’ll currently have that positive power working in your favor. Goal setting, then, just becomes component of your natural development process, not a necessity for her happiness.

Each work of her life contributes to who and also what girlfriend are. The actions you take it yesterday contribute to the plot you will take or no take today. Exact same with your thoughts.

If other wonderful happens today, that is not an isolated event. The is due to the fact that of other that occurred yesterday, and the day before that, and each day since you to be born!

Consider a woman about to provide birth to a child. Someone could say “you are about to endure the wonder of childbirth.” This is a true statement and also in maintaining with the “always think something wonderful is around to happen” concept.

What is same true is she is at this time experiencing the wonder of a baby developing in she womb. She additionally experienced the wonderful wonder of conception. She also perfectly traveled through time and room in she life experience to accomplish someone with whom she conceived the child.

I do believe it is a really healthy perspective to think in a exorbitant future. However, i think the is much an ext powerful to believe in a wonderful present and past.

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Also, if you believe that what you room experiencing now is simply the path you must travel to acquire to her wonderful future, girlfriend will relocate through your present case with a more positive outlook and energy.

So, i propose a slight alteration to the quote “always think something exorbitant is about to happen.” i propose we adopt the mindset of “always think that something wonderful IS happening, and also will always continue to happen!”