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Amanda Peet sealed her golden Globes entrance through an unanticipated kiss.

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The “Togetherness” beauty fight the red carpet Sunday night and also planted a smooch top top pal sarah Paulson as they posed for photos outside the Beverly Hilton Hotel.

Paulson and Peet ~ above Dec. 5Getty Images

While Paulson, 42, showed up to be captured off-guard through the peck, kisses room nothing new for the pair. In December, Peet, 44, surprised her friend through a kiss top top the lips in ~ the opening of “The Babylon Line” in brand-new York.

Perhaps it will lug Paulson good luck together she’s nominated for ideal performance by an actress in a restricted series or TV movie for she portrayal the Marcia Clarke in “The human being v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story.”

Paulson is in a partnership with 73-year-old actress Holland Taylor.

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