Amy Schumer has actually made it very clear the she enjoys being photographed naked. So lot so that she’s posing through her crotch ablaze in her latest picture shoot for Vanity Fair.

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In Schumer’s sheathe shoot for the magazine’s might issue, she takes she love because that nudity to brand-new heights through posing in a “No Coffee, No Workee” T-shirt — and also nothing else. Rather of underwear, she sporting activities a flame on she nether regions, pass “new meaning to ‘it’s lit'” according the mag.

“I begged Annie to photo me with no underwear on in just a T-shirt,” Schumer tells Vanity Fair. “I defined to her how crucial it was to me and also she finally agreed. I felt an effective and beautiful. She taken once we shot it. Or perhaps she ran come the toilet to throw up. That was among the most coherent moments of mine life.”

Convincing photographers come let her take her garments off is a typical trend for the star. In one interview for her Entertainment Weekly cover, because that which she posed totally naked covered in wait plane-size alcohol bottles, Schumer insurance claims that it was all her idea.

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“I was like, ‘Stop that — I’m walking to be naked,’ ” she claimed of transforming the direction the the cover picture after EW initially said she attitude in a black color dress covered in liquid wrappers.

The actress also gave the people a glimpse of her body for this year’s Pirelli calendar, of i m sorry she mutual that gift naked is how she feeling herself. She stated in a declare announcing the Pirelli calendar, “I’ve never felt an ext beautiful or more like myself.”

For an ext from Schumer, read the full story ~ above Vanity Fair. And tell us, what do you think of her fire crotch?

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Amy Schumer"s Lady components Are literally on Fire for Vanity Fair: "It Was among the Most meaningful Moments of mine Life"