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Important Notes around Sizing & Product Specifications

it is important to know that uneven every job clothes, seasonal costumes are commonly designed to it is in worn because that one or 2 events. Uneven specifically declared they space not professional, theatrical class costumes and also are no priced together such. So while the sizing information noted by the manufacturer is normally accurate for the dimensions indicated, a seasonal costume will hardly ever fit every person as if it to be tailor made for that person. This simply method that even though a costume might fit based on waist or hip measurements, it doesn\"t typical the inseam length, sleeve size or all at once length will certainly fit every body format with the exact same waist measurements. In part cases, alterations may be required and also in others, you might need to order one more size. And because seasonal costumes tend to operation small, we indicate buying the larger size once in doubt. It\"s constantly easier to take-in, hem or otherwise readjust an item the is too huge or too lengthy than one that is too small or also short. The information you watch on our website around an item is listed to us by the manufacturer and also is every the information we have actually available. There is no any added information, details or specifications us can administer beyond what you watch online. If girlfriend need an ext information or details about a specific item than what you see online, us strongly suggest girlfriend not acquisition that item and instead, make an additional selection. The sizing of part costumes might fall external general sizing guidelines, if the is the case, it should be reflected in the product description of every individual costume. Remember to look for a unique Sizing chart Link automatically under the \"Place Order\" box. If over there is one, be sure to usage the information consisted of on that page as it is particular to the article you space purchasing. while dress/clothing sizes are detailed in us sizes, the sizes because that seasonal costumes often tend to run small. Bodysuit costumes (like superheroes) are meant to be tight fitting, please save that in mind when choosing your size. If in doubt in between two sizes, the usually best to order the bigger size together seasonal costumes often tend to operation small. Together an option, numerous customers will acquisition both sizes and return the one that doesn\"t fit. numerous costumes have actually elastic waists that allow for some stretching. Sizing information is listed to united state by the manufacturer. While this info is assumed to it is in accurate, we can not be responsible for variations or inaccuracies in the information detailed to us. If we have actually not noted a dimension it is either “Standard” or “One-size fits most”. Please refer to the product certain sizing chart (if available) for more details. The packaging on part costumes show sizes by child years instead of child sizes. For this reason you might order by size on the website and then when you obtain the costume it shows eras on the package rather of sizes. Please look in ~ the costume carefully, the does NOT median the wrong size was shipped. Right here are guidelines because that what the sizes/ages can be: o little 4-6 (3-4 years) o medium 8-10 (5-7 years) o large 12-14 (8-10 years).

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Again, examine to see if over there is a one-of-a-kind Sizing Chart link for the item as there may be more information specific to the costume.

model #:FW9663

Cute Angel infant Costume

baby Angel of Everyone\"s Dreams!

Costume Includes: White satin dress with white net overskirt and also wings.

Available size:

One size fits as much as most infants 24 month

Hairbow, tights, and also shoes offered separately.