Cats, dogs, rabbits, cows, pigs, elephants, monkeys, lions... Youngsters simply love animals - and also songs about animals! enjoy singing the pet nursery rhymes top top this page along with your kids! They can be sung anywhere and anytime, yet it is a "must" singing them before, throughout or ~ visiting a farm yard or a zoo. See additionally our specials: Nursery rhymes with cats or nursery rhymes with dogs.

A way Old Owl Wise words indigenous a way old owl.

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Alice The Camel Nursery rhyme and counting song about a camel (or to be it a horse?) :)
All the Pretty Horses This is a beautiful lullaby around horses.
Animal Alphabet Song Alphabet track with 27 different animals.
Animal Fair, The A fun nursery happiness sung through American seafarers in 1898...
Baa Baa black Sheep Maybe the most popular nursery rhyme of all times?
Baby Bumble Bee OUCH! This track is around a child who was stung by a bee.
Bingo (B-I-N-G-O) Popular rhyme about a dog dubbed Bingo. The kids love this song!
Bobby Shaftoe"s gone To The Sea Rhyme about Bobby who has actually gone come the sea.
Ding Dong tiny Bell Ding Dong small Bell is very old nursery rhyme around a cat (from 1580).
Five tiny Ducks Popular nursery rhymes around ducks the is good for to teach counting.
Five little Monkeys Five tiny Monkeys is a really popular nursery rhyme. The youngsters simply love it!
Five tiny Speckled Frogs Repetitive nursery rhyme around frogs. This happiness is also ideal for to teach counting.
For desire of a Nail Very old nursery rhyme (dates ago to the 14th century). Around horseshoes and horses.
Frog went A-Courting (Or Frog go a-courtin). Very old nursery rhyme about a frog that rode increase to miss out on Mousy"s door. Funny stuff!
Goosey Goosey Gander Fun nursery rhyme around a goose walking approximately - indoor!
Hey Diddle Diddle Popular nursery rhyme around a cat, a cow and also a dog.
Here is The Beehive Here is the beehive. Yet where space the bees? This nursery luck is an excellent for teaching counting.
Hickety Pickety Nursery rhyme about a black hen referred to as Hickety Pickety.
Hickory Dickory Dock Hickory Dickory Dock is a nursery rhyme about a mouse that ran up the clock.
Horsey Horsey Children love horses. Therefore why not sing a song around these beautiful animals?
If I had actually a Donkey Why not sing around "the best small donkey that ever was born"?
If Wishes were Horses What if wishes were horses...
Itsy Bitsy Spider Popular nursery rhyme around a spider climbing increase the water spout.
Ladybug, Ladybug Classic nursery rhyme around ladybugs. (Ladybird, Ladybird in UK).
Little Bo Peep Fascinating rhyme about sheep the the children find very exciting.
Little young Blue In this song the sheep"s in the meadow and the cow"s in the corn...
Little hare Foo Foo In this long, recurring nursery rhyme we meet a tiny bunny and also some birds. Interesting story!
Little miss out on Muffet Little miss Muffet to be frightened through a spider in this Rhyme.
Little Peter Rabbit Popular song around a tiny rabbit. Often used in Easter Celebrations.
Little vote Parrot Popular song about a parrot eating toast and tea(!)
Little Robin Redbreast Nursery rhyme about a small bird and a pussycat hunting for him.
Mary had actually a tiny Lamb A an extremely cosy nursery rhyme around Mary and her little lamb.
Oh Where, oh Where has My tiny Dog Gone? Old American nursery rhyme around a missing dog.
Old McDonald had a farm A true classic around the different pets on the farm. Really popular among children.
Once I experienced a small Bird) Short yet popular nursery rhyme. Perfect to sing if you check out a bird outside the window.
One Two three Four Short count Rhyme the is popular among the kids. Goes from 1 to 8.
One two Three four Five Nursery Rhyme about fishing that also is good for teaching counting.
Pop go the Weasel Funny around a monkey and also a weasel.
Pussycat, Pussycat The pussycat in this song went come London come visit the Queen...
Ride a Cock-Horse come Banbury Cross Perfect luck to song while the kids are playing v a playhorse/cockhorse
Ring A Ring O"Roses You will discover both birds and cows in this well-known "song game".
Rockin" Robin Funny song around a bird rockin" roughly in the tree tops.
Round and also Round the Garden Round and also round the forest, like a small deer
Sleeping Bunnies Cute nursery rhyme around sleeping bunnies. Have the right to you wake them up?
The Bear discussed The Mountain Very famous nursery rhyme around a bear that reviewed the mountain. So, what did he discover there?
The Farmer in the Dell Singing video game with cows, dogs, cats and mice.
The Lion and also The Unicorn Nursery rhymes about the main symbols of united Kingdom!
There was An Old Lady that Swallowed a Fly Fun accumulation tale about an old lady that swallowed a fly. Is that a little strange? :)
This little Piggy Nursery rhyme around pigs the is perfect come count-out ~ above children"s toes.
Three blind Mice Traditional English nursery rhyme about three remote mice.
Three little Kittens American nursery rhyme about three small kittens who shed their mittens.

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To Market, come Market A very old nursery happiness - from 1611(!) A pig is bought in ~ the sector in this fun rhyme.