Shounen Anime: The 10 ideal Father-Son Combos that All-Time this father-son duos native Shounen anime room the finest of all-time.

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Shounen anime is all around rivalries. The main personalities are typically teenage boys who are learning a skill and also working difficult to get better at it, normally by competing with their friends in order to do so.

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But some of the ideal rivalries in shounen anime aren’t in between two completing friends in ~ all and are instead in between that teenage boy and his dad, through the young trying to surpass the skills that his father has taught him. And sometimes, it’s not so lot a rivalry together it is a partnership: two people working together to make points happen. Right here are 10 great father-son combos from shounen anime.

Goku and also Gohan are among the ideal father/son groups in anime. Son ogong is pretty lot the the strongest Saiyan in the universe, and also he’s constantly working to get even stronger. Gohan is likewise in training to combine his own an abilities and learn to usage his powers, so that he deserve to support his dad in fights to protect the planet whenever possible.

Naruto and Boruto space a really interesting duo. Their partnership is quite fraught at the start of Boruto. Boruto resents his dad for not being about for the family, while Naruto is working difficult as hokage in stimulate to safeguard them and the remainder of the village.

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As Boruto it s okay older and begins to understand his father’s responsibilities, and also as that gets stronger as a ninja himself, they begin to see eye come eye much more.

van Hohenheim and Edward also have actually a relationship that’s quite fraught. Hohenheim wasn’t about a lot when Edward and Alphonse were kids, and also he wasn’t there as soon as their mommy died. Edward is normally pretty resentful the him, but he additionally has the frustrating emotion of wanting to have actually his dad’s approval through proving that he’s a great alchemist. The two finish up working together at the finish of Brotherhood in order to loss Father, but they never get the opportunity to important reconcile.

7 Enji and also Shoto Todoroki (My Hero Academia)

Enji and Shoto Todoroki from my Hero Academia also have a complex relationship. Shoto has inherited Enji’s quirk the fire, however he’s additionally able to usage ice, and Enji has strong feelings around Shoto providing up ~ above the ice cream side that his capability in order come become strong in the same method Enji does.

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The reality that they don’t agree ~ above the method Shoto should use his strength actually makes Shoto even much more determined come become solid and to display his father what he’s capable of. Enji eventually ends up reflecting Shoto the respect he has earned.

It’s impossible to select just one father/son duo indigenous Dragon Ball, because so much of the collection is around fatherhood. Vegeta and also Trunks space another an excellent duo since their partnership ends increase a little bit weird since of time take trip issues. One adult Trunks end up coming earlier from the future to warn his family of future risks (while in the present day, he is still a baby). Vegeta gets to work-related with his adult kid in stimulate to safeguard his family, acquiring to view what he’s like when he grow up and how effective he and also Bulma have been as parents.

5 Gon Freecss and also Ging Freecss (Hunter X Hunter)

Gon Freecss desire to satisfy his father, Ging, is the driving force of the points that take place in Hunter x Hunter. Since Ging left Gon to be raised by relatives in bespeak to return to his profession as a Hunter, Gon is likewise determined to become a Hunter.

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He mostly wants to know what the is about the profession that would make Ging select being a Hunter over increasing his son. Your relationship, as soon as they perform meet, is based on Ging help Gon become a great Hunter, placing him v tests to aid him come to be stronger.

Ichigo and Isshin Kurosaki have actually a an ext traditional father and son relationship, despite not having a an extremely normal partnership at all. They live with each other at home, in addition to Ichigo’s sisters, and Isshin walk his ideal to take treatment of them all complying with the fatality of his wife. Isshin was once a Shinigami, despite Ichigo doesn’t know this till he becomes a Shinigami himself. Isshin walk his finest to help Ichigo end up being a more powerful Shinigami, helping him train and generally gift a supportive dad.

3 Soma Yukihira and Joichiro Yukihira (Food Wars)

Soma and Joichiro Yukihira are another an ext traditional relationship. The two own and operate Yukihira Diner together, and Soma is determined to end up being as an excellent a chef together his dad. No issue who else steps up to it is in Soma’s rival, the human being he is most interested in besting in a cook-off is Joichiro.

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Joichiro is the just one who has repeatedly proven himself Soma’s better, which makes Soma’s desire to become a good chef also stronger. Joichiro provides this rivalry to display his support for Soma’s dreams and to help him come to be a more successful chief by sharing his skills and stoking that flame.

Ranma and Genma Saotome have actually an exciting (and weird) relationship. Both the them have actually the weird strength of gift able come turn into something else. Because that Ranma, that turns into a girl any kind of time he it s okay splashed with cold water. Genma turns right into a panda be affected by each other in comparable situations. Genma has spent many of Ranma’s childhood training the in martial arts, and he walk his finest to aid him save his curse a secret.

1 Shinji Ikari and Gendo Ikari (Neon Genesis Evangelion)

Shinji and Gendo Ikari’s relationship is definitely another one that is nice fraught. Shinji is one Evangelion pilot while Gendo’s research helped construct the Evangelions. Gendo’s obsession through Evas regularly puts him at odds v Shinji, since Shinji’s feelings around piloting one Eva space couched in the trauma of what he’s knowledgeable while piloting. They’re not the friendliest or healthiest father/son relationship, however their challenging dynamic makes them one of the most iconic duos in shounen anime.

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