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"Vice" is a song taped by American nation music artist Miranda Lambert. It to be released to radio top top July 18, 2016, together the lead single from Lambert"s sixth studio album, The load of this Wings (2016). The tune was composed by Lambert, mock Osborne and also Shane McAnally. "Vice" debuted in ~ number two on the Hot nation Songs graph in august 2016. "Vice" was ranked at number 31 on roll Stone’s "50 ideal Songs that 2016" list.

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Steady together a needle dropping top top a vinylNeon singer through a jukebox title complete of heartbreakThirty-three, forty-five, seventy-eightWhen it harms this good you gotta play that twiceAnother viceAll dressed increase in a pretty black labelSweet salvation ~ above a dining room tableWaiting on meWhere the numb meets the lonelyIt"s gone prior to it ever before melts the iceAnother vice, an additional callAnother bed i shouldn"t crawl out ofAt 7 AM v shoes in mine handSaid ns wouldn"t perform it, but I did the againAnd I understand I"ll be ago tomorrow night, ohI undertake a town choose a leather jacketWhen the brand-new wears off, ns don"t also pack itIf you need meI"ll be whereby my reputation don"t proceed meMaybe I"m addicted come goodbyesAnother vice, another townWhere my previous can"t run me downAnother life, an additional callAnother bed ns shouldn"t crawl out ofAt 7 AM through shoes in mine handSaid ns wouldn"t carry out it, yet I did the againAnd I recognize I"ll be gone tomorrow nightMm, one more viceStanding at the sink now, feather in a mirrorDon"t understand where i am or just how I gained hereWell, the only thing that ns know how to findIs another viceMm, one more viceYes, an additional viceOoh, an additional viceAnother viceAnother viceAnother vice

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Miranda Lambert Miranda Leigh Shelton (née Lambert) (born November 10, 1983) is one American country music artist who obtained fame together a critical on the 2003 season of Nashville Star, whereby she perfect in third place and later signed to epos Records. Lambert made she debut with the relax of "Me and Charlie Talking", the first single from her 2005 debut album Kerosene. This album, which was certified Platinum in the united States, likewise produced the singles "Bring Me Down", "Kerosene", and also "New Strings".

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All 4 singles were top 40 hits on the Billboard Hot country Songs charts. An ext »