Why walk YouTube Comedy Duo Smosh break-up Up? back in 2017, comedy YouTubers Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla - additionally known as Smosh - evidenced their separation after nearly 12 years together.

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Anthony Padilla native Smosh
In 2017, Ian Hecox and also Anthony Padilla, the founders of the comedy YouTube channel Smosh, separation up. The Smosh YouTube channel was among the an initial must-subscribe networks on the nascent video sharing website back in the beforehand "00s. The channel accrued massive success as their following grew, mirroring the cultivation popularity the YouTube because that the better part of 2 decades. Why would this unbeatable team go your separate means when it appeared like every little thing was going their way?

Smosh started in 2002 as soon as Padilla created the website smosh.com. The site quickly gained a huge following. Smosh ongoing to prosper when childhood friends Padilla and Hecox began uploading your videos (mostly featuring them lip-syncing famous cartoon template songs) come the site. Being that this to be the early on days the the internet, Padilla actually had to salary every time someone want to watch among their videos, do the come of YouTube a godsend. Through the capacity to upload videos to YouTube because that free, Padilla and Hecox permanently moved the Smosh brand come the website in 2005. With their continuous output of sketch comedy videos and also a quickly rising monitor count, Padilla and also Hecox were amongst the an initial wave the YouTube stars.

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On June 14, 2017, Smosh"s success under Hecox and also Padilla"s leadership pertained to a halt once the pair posted the video "Anthony is leaving Smosh." Hecox and also Padilla assured your viewers there to be no negative blood; rather, Padilla was moving on and also running his own YouTube channel and also remarked that "had to perform what was best for ." Considering Hecox and Padilla were integral come the Smosh brand, the notice was a shock to the community.

A video posted top top Padilla"s personal YouTube channel the very same day offered much more insight right into the situation. In the video clip titled "Why i Left Smosh," Padilla explained he felt hampered by the needs and creative restrictions Smosh"s parental company, Defy, at the time inserted on the channel. This, according to Padilla, to be the main reason the felt it necessary to part ways through the channel and also brand he had spent more than a te building and shaping v his ideal friend.

When Padilla left the company, Smosh had turned right into a lucrative YouTube empire: it now consisted of a small team of gibbs who helped create video content because that the major Smosh channel and also a team of spinoff networks like Smosh Games and Smosh Pit. In addition to overseeing Smosh operations, Hecox and Padilla made Smosh: The Movie and has actually made the film Ghostmates for YouTube Red. Smosh had advanced from a little channel to a YouTube trendsetter, creating the rules for what pass for well-known content, in turn providing future YouTubers a solid foundation on i beg your pardon to develop their own channels.

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Hecox and also Padilla have actually remained friends yet have unable to do on to accomplish varying levels of success ~ above their different paths. Hecox remains the head of Smosh operations as well as the challenge of the company. Padilla still operation his own YouTube channel, which has actually 3.3 million subscribers as of July 2019. The pair might no longer be professionally linked, but the legacy they constructed with Smosh will never be forgotten.