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Armor every Complete automobile Care Gift load Bucket, 10 piece Kit, $19.99 (regularly $62 individually)

Armor every Ultra Shine to wash & Wax (16 fl. Oz.): arisen using the most progressed technologies available. Ours proprietary mix of clean agents, surface ar lubricants and also real carnauba wax is absolutely guaranteed to accomplish the most exacting standards.Armor All original Protectant (10 fl. Oz.): Your car is exposed to dirt, grime and also harmful elements like UV rays and also oxidation every day. Counting on Armor All initial Protectant to clean, protect, and aid keep surfaces looking prefer new. Ours proprietary formula cleans far dirt, dust and debris, fights aging, fading and cracking, while boosting your vehicles deep rich look. Other commodities may contact themselves protectant, however only one can contact itself Armor All!Armor all Cleaning Wipes (30 count): gain that natural, “just detailed” look with Armor every Cleaning Wipes. Scrupulous engineered for her cars one-of-a-kind needs, these practically wipes lift far dirt and also debris, revealing her cars rich, herbal beauty there is no harming breakable automotive surfaces.Armor every Glass Wipes (30 count): Armor all Glass Wipes are specially formulated for the toughest automotive jobs, where clean windows issue most, to supply spotless, sparkling glass with impressive clarity and shine!Armor All interior Detailer (16 fl. Oz.): Cleans and also restores v a natural matte finish. Perfect for consoles, steering wheels, fabric, vinyl, dashboards, to run boards, display screens and more! Armor All inner Detailer is scientifically come clean and also restore the organic appearance of her vehicles surfaces. Multi-surface cleaning and also restoration delivers that “just-detailed” look.Armor All too much Wheel and also Tire Cleaner (24 fl.

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Oz.): ours formula is particularly formulated to assault grease, road grime, and brake dust.Armor All excessive Tire Shine: (22 fl. Oz.): our proprietary “Shine-Shield” formula delivers intense, mirror-like shine and also a rich, black color look.Car wash sponge: 8″ x 4″ x 2.75″ (20.3 centimeter x 10.1 cm x 7.0 cm)Microfiber towel: 11.8″ x 15.8″ (30cm x 40cmArmor every Bucket: 3.5 gal (14 qt)