My Funeral tune Lyrics

Description:- ​​​​​My Funeral lyrics Badflower are noted in this article. This is a new song i m sorry is sang by famous singer ​Badflower. This song is kind This Is exactly how the world Ends album. This track will release on 24 September 2021.

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My Funeral lyrics Badflower

Producer:– Scott Borchetta, john Varvatos & mock Katz

Written:– Alex Espiritu, Anthony Sonetti, Joey Morrow & mockery Katz

Label:– big Machine records & john Varvatos Records

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Imagine if ns took my life, offered up on love and also died tonightI wonder who would cry because that meI’ll never ever know, I’ll never seeBut I can still pretend, it’s therefore magical come think about the endThe ones ns loved would certainly blame themselvesAnd wish the I’d reached out because that helpAnd everybody rather would try to analysis my suicideEverybody wants to cry about some famous kid the died

Tonight I’ll irradiate a candle and fantasize mine funeral


All mine bitch-ass opponents would reprimand themsеlves for killing meConfess it in a еulogy, regret the points they claimed to meMy album would sell much better and I’d more than likely trend on social mediaEverybody wants to say, “I just saw that the various other day”Pretend that they were close come meFor thoughts and prayers and also sympathyEverybody desires to be ideal friends with the newly deceased

Tonight I’ll light a candle and also fantasize mine funeral


I know it’s no my time to goI still have actually so much room come growSecretly i think about the civilization I can’t live withoutThere’s so lot hate ns wish to fightSo much right here to save myself aliveThe fact is I’m afraid of death, ns never might commit to thatWhile immigrants and also refugees rideBlow up rafts through deadly seasAnd below I to be a privileged me v no concept for sufferingI think I’ll close up door the crap up and donate come a charity


Tonight I’ll light a candle and end this stupid ritual

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