\"Attack top top Titan\" chapter 137 might see how Zeke and Armin will shot to stop Eren and the Rumbling. (Photo: Instacodez/Flickr/Public Domain mark 1.0 (https://creativecommons.org/publicdomain/mark/1.0/))

The lengthy wait will be lastly over together Attack ~ above Titan Chapter 137 will soon drop. There space no leaks and spoilers for the new chapter yet, yet it is no shy the fan-made theories and predictions, like Armin and also Zeke\"s meeting.

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With the newly-imposed anti-piracy law in Japan, fans may not see any kind of leaks around Attack top top Titan Chapter 137, as with Chapter 136. The manga publishers have actually gone a tiny stricter by its looks, and the readers should wait because that its main release instead.

According to BlockToro, the new chapter might surely begin with Armin and Zeke\"s meetingin the Paths. This two might craft a setup on exactly how to take it Eren down and also stop the Rumbling.

There are theories Zeke will certainly tell Armin every little thing he knows around the inspection Corps previous member and also the cataclysmic event that involves the wall surface Titans. If this happens, castle may create a future strategy to stop Karl Fritz\"s Titans from damaging humanity.

With the manga\"s nearing ending, there are additionally assumptions that they will control to protect against Eren in Attack top top Titan Chapter 137 or 138. One way or another, the collection may not end with genocide.

In addition, return the Akatsuki no Requiem (AnR) theory might make sense, Hajime Isayama may not provide his masterpiece a depressive ending. The manga\"s design template may have been well-known for its bittersweet theme, but it\"s no dark and also depressing.

Hence, they have the right to surely avoid Eren native making heavy casualties. Some additionally believe Armin will go back to transform right into the Colossal Titan and face Eren\"s assault Titan form.

He may even sacrifice self to avoid the Rumbling in Attack ~ above TitanChapter 137. Devdiscourse noted Eren is the one who began the Rumbling, whereby thousands of wall Titans wreak havoc all over the earth and destroy every little thing that\"s coming their way.

So, he and Armin should have a last meeting prior to the manga concludes in Attack on TitanChapter 139. Lock can satisfy in the Paths, wherein their critical talk can be really emotional

Attack ~ above TitanChapter 137 is collection to be out on Tuesday, February 9, in Japan. However, it might drop on Monday, February 8,in most parts that the world, per HITC.

The international audience might see it in ~ 7 a.m. Pacific Time, 9 a.m. Central Time, 10 a.m. East Time, 3 p.m. Greenwich average Time, and also 4 p.m. Central European Time. In Korea and Australia, it will come at 12 a.m. And 1:30 a.m., respectively, on February 9.

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