The young Duck Dynasty star and her husband, Christian Huff, welcomed their first child on may 11. Sadie offered birth to a infant girl, that she and Christian called Honey James.

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Honey may only it is in a month old, yet she has been a busy baby! She has already attended a pair of weddings…including her aunt Bella’s ~ above June 5.

In one Instagram short article celebrating Honey transforming four weeks old, Sadie said, “I love taking my girl anywhere with me.”

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Most recently, Sadie and Christian took their infant girl the end to the pool to reap the pretty summer day. Both Sadie and Christian mutual photos native their swimming pool day on Instagram.

Christian posted a photo of that in the pool v Sadie, who was sitting on a step while holding love husband in she arms. Sadie wore a blue, white, black, and also red gingham two-piece swimsuit with off-the-shoulder sleeves. Honey had on bright blue swimsuit with sailboats published on it in pastel colors.

A 2nd photo in Christian’s slideshow is a closeup of honey wearing pink, heart-shaped sunglasses and also a peak with tennis rackets printed on it.

Saw some babes at the swimming pool today,” Christian jokingly captioned the photos.

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Sadie mutual the exact same poolside picture of her, Christian, and also Honey on her Instagram Story. She also shared a Boomerang that reflects her and also Christian offering Honey kisses on peak of her head.

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Sadie additionally posted a picture on her feed that reflects just how cute Honey’s swimsuit was!

It had a ruffly detail on height that to be finished through a scalloped pink edge. She heart-shaped sunglasses to be the perfect corresponding accessory.

You can see the precious photo of Honey every dressed up because that her swimming pool day below. She’s a sweetheart!

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