We’re your source for thousands of common and also unique batteries, light bulbs, mobile accessories, flashlights, fuses, smart home products and also more.

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Our extensive selection includes batteries for cars, trucks, boats, golf carts, cell phones, laptops, lawn equipment, scrubbers, wheelchairs/mobility scooters, forklifts, medical/manufacturing equipment and also so lot more.

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light Bulbs

We’re your source for energy-efficient CFL, LED, halogen and also fluorescent bulbs. We additionally carry smart bulbs, headlight bulbs for her vehicle, together with interior, landscape and also security light for business use.

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Smart home

Upgrade your house with put in order smart residence products. We offer indoor/outdoor streaming cameras, smart light bulbs, motion sensors, and smart plugs, switches, garage door openers and also other good gadgets.

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Our services include tablet/cell phone call repair, crucial cutting/key fob replacement because that cars, trucks, boats, ATVs, plus automobile battery replacement, recycling and also more. In addition, every one of this location\"s cell phone repair technicians have actually been certified according to the to move Telecommunications and Internet Association\"s Wireless Industry service Excellence (WISE) standards. Learn much more about this program and also what it way for you.

We deal with It WISE-Certified Phone fix

Our in-store technicians sell professional tablet computer and cabinet phone display screen repair, battery replacement and other cell phone repair services for your iPhone, Samsung Galaxy or other major brand device. Plus, all of our an equipment repair techs space WISE certified.

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vital Fob

Stop in for fast, affordable vital fob replacement and programming services. Us can reduced spare secrets for any type of vehicle and administer you through same-day business on a brand-new keyless entry remote or automobile remote key.

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We offer recycling solutions for both retail and also business customers. Drop off your invested batteries or bulbs at any of ours retail locations or call us come learn more about our commercial recycling program.

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Sign up today for a totally free commercial account and also receive special pricing, practice delivery options and other services tailored to her business’ individual needs.

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With hundreds of batteries and light bulbs, battery Plus Bulbs is the best place to go in las Vegas for both, as well as services prefer smartphone repair, auto battery installation and more. Located on Rainbow Blvd., battery Plus Bulbs is by Goodwill retail Store, 24 Hour Fitness, Del Taco and also a variety of other retail and dining options.

Our knowledgeable staff will gladly help you find the appropriate battery for her ATV, car, boat, camera, cabinet phone, golf cart, laptop, defense system and more. We attribute an enormous an option of lighting options for both home and also business, consisting of a variety of energy-efficient bulbs choose CFLs and also LEDs.

Our onsite techs are able come rebuild your cordless drill, razor and numerous other rechargeable battery packs. We also install watch, keyless entry and auto batteries and also can test them to make certain a new battery will resolve the issue.

Our mobile repair specialists can help save friend the expense of a instead of by bringing her old phone earlier to life. We offer screen repair, battery replacement and other fixes for her device.

Do you need a spare key for your car, but don\"t desire to pay the high value dealership cost? Our place offers same-day an essential fob and also car key replacement for a portion of the cost.

Our location offers free battery testing and also performs auto battery installation on-site through no meeting needed. Us are also a recycling center for all of your old batteries and bulbs.

Would you prefer to obtain volume discounts and also delivery on your commercial bulk orders? take into consideration signing up for a business account. We can carry out you with accessibility to the industrial battery and lighting commodities you require and also even offer cost-free on-site assessments to assist your business run an ext efficiently.

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We Sell:

SLA batteriesCell phone batteriesAuto batteriesMotorcycle batteriesSmart home productsBoat & RV batteriesGolf cart batteriesAlkaline batteries

We Offer:

Battery testingAuto battery installationKey fob battery replacementKey fob replacement & programmingBattery & bulb recycling organization volume discounts & delivery

We Repair:

iPhone screen repair & battery replacementiPad display repair & battery replacementSamsung screen repair & battery replacementThis store\"s machine repair techs room all certified follow to the CTIA\"s way repair standardsThis keep is a Samsung Independent organization Provider. Samsung call repairs room performed using actual Samsung parts, tools and equipment.