Lesser Demons are one of the monster in 4476mountvernon.com that are eliminated the most. By much the most famous place for killing these demons is in the Karamja Volcano, but there are various other places. This overview will describe where these monsters space inside and also outside the the Wilderness and also the best way to death them for every combat types.

Monster Details

Lesser Demon

Level: 100Life Points: 5000Combat Type: MeleeAggressive: No Max Hit: 200Attacks With: MagicWeakness: BoltsNotable Drops: Accursed Ashes (100%), Coins, Charms, Gems, Rune helm, half key, fifty percent Dragon Shield


Why kill Lesser Demons?

Lesser Demons space a good monster to train combat on. They room arguably one of the finest monsters to train magic and selection with in freeplay and also are an excellent monsters come train those an abilities in members aswell. Their drops entice plenty of players and also can be provided to offset any runes, arrows, and food costs. They likewise drop accursed ashes and charms which can be supplied to advancement your prayer and also summoning level respectively. Lesser Demons additionally happen to be usual slayer tasks, so friend may finish up having actually to death them anyway.

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Recommended that your ranging and also defence levels add up to 100+.

The finest ranging armor you deserve to useCrossbow/Shortbow/ShieldbowAmulet that Fury/Glory/PowerArrowsExplorer"s Ring/Ring of WealthInventory
Nature/Fire Runes (for alchemy purposes)Shield (for optional healing purposes)Urns At the very least one north inventory spotFood

As Lesser Demons assault with magic, varying will be the best bet. Back the Lesser Demon"s weakness is come bolts, you do not necessarily have to use a crossbow and bolts. Castle are reasonably weak to all types of range. If you room freeplay you need to not usage a crossbow early to minimal choices and if you are a member that is a recommended, however not the only, option. You should not feel the should buy a an excellent crossbow if you carry out not have actually one present, an especially if friend only require to end up a slayer assignment. However, if you to be going to invest a most time in ~ Lesser Demons, then obtaining a great crossbow would be a an excellent idea. One explorer’s ring have the right to be used as a substitute because that nature runes, evil versa.



Recommended the your magic and also defence levels include up come 120+.

Best magic armor you deserve to useStaff/wandAmulet of Fury/Glory/MagicExplorer"s Ring/Ring of WealthInventory
Nature/Fire runesElemental runesUrns (optional)Food

When it comes to Staff vs. Wand, a staff would more likely be a far better option at least for training purposes. A staff uses less runes than a wand would and also abilities room not affected by slow speed. If you desire to use wind spells through an air staff, no runes are necessary for attack. However, if you desire to just conveniently kill the demons with no regards to expense a wand would be much better for a freeplay because there room no relatively an effective staves. An explorer’s ring have the right to be used as a substitute because that nature runes, angry versa. Urns will certainly be touch upon in a later on section.


Before jumping into the gear, the is no recommended that you carry out this. Attack a magic monster using melee is no going to be reliable in the present combat system. If friend must assault Lesser Demons using melee the is said that you have 70+ Attack, 70+ Strength and also 70+ Defence

Best melee armor you have the right to afford/useStrong melee weapon(s)Amulet of Fury/Glory/StrengthExplorer"s Ring/Ring the WealthInventory
Nature/Fire runes (for alchemy purposes)Shield (for optional healing purposes)Urns (optional)Food

If your defence level is significantly lower 보다 your attack/strength levels, you might want come think about using dragonhide armor instead of rune. This will decrease your strike but substantially increase her defence. One explorer’s ring can be provided as a substitute because that nature runes, vice versa.


Lesser Demons can be discovered in several various places about 4476mountvernon.com the end of the Wilderness. These places are:

Karamja VolcanoBounty Hunter VolcanoForinthry Dungeon

In this part of the overview each place that Lesser Demons have the right to be found will be given a brief description that what is there and other info that may help you decided where to kill these monsters.

Karamja Locations

Karamja areas are by far the most famous places to death Lesser Demons. These places are particularly useful since they are close to the Karamja lobster and swordfish fishing areas and because they are near the TzHarr bank. The four locations space as complies with (two of i m sorry you need to acquire through lot of the Dragon Slayer quest to access).

Karamja Volcano

This location under the Karamja volcano is the most populated. It contains five demons. The crowdedness of the area may influence the speed of her kills. The is the only Karamja location that entails no requirements whatsoever.

Karamja Dungeoneering Location

This location consists of twelve demons and also can be accessed by beginning the dungeon entrance from the abovementioned Karamja region. It is moderately lived in though the big number that demons will certainly make any type of crowd a non-issue. Over there are also many imps below to satisfy your arbitrarily imp death fetishes. Requires 25 dungeoneering come access.

Underground Crandor

This location have the right to be accessed by advertise the wall through the Karamja Volcano. It includes four lesser demons in the immediate area and one an ext a bit to the north. It is typically populated. The main benefit to this area is the truth that the 4 demons are an extremely concentrated. To access this area girlfriend must have actually sailed come Crandor in the Dragon Slayer quest.


This location has two lesser demons and can be accessed by climb the rope native the underground Crandor region. It contains two lesser demons so the spot will certainly only organize one hunter.

Other Locations

Wilderness Volcano

This ar is located approximately level 30 wilderness in the wilderness volcano. The is generally only occupied by one or two people, for this reason competition because that kills in no going to be an issue here. It is in the wilderness, so carry out not bring anything friend aren’t all set to lose. Other than being in the wilderness, the disadvantage is the the demons room distributed relatively well in the area. You cannot teleport native this location.

Forinthry Dungeon

This location contains eight demons is in the Forinthry Dungeon in the mid-30s wilderness range. That is almost never populated by any type of hunters since most civilization think that too far out of the way, they don’t know it exists, or castle forget it exists. Again, that is in the wilderness so don’t carry anything girlfriend aren’t ready to lose. You cannot teleport from this location.


This location contains five Lesser Demons and also is situated in the Taverly Dungeon right prior to the Blue Dragon area. That is hardly ever crowded yet members just so not an choice for freeplayers. The locale is great if you"re in the area and also need to knock the end a slayer assignment.

Killing the Demons


Killing the demons need to not be also difficult. If you have actually the over gear and recommended level you must be fine. However, over there are ways to obtain an edge. There are certain abilities the you have to use and others you need to avoid. For example, you should avoid any kind of multi-target capability such as chain or ricochet. These will just get much more than one demon to unnecessarily assault you. If you are using a dwarf cannon you may want to take exemption to this rule due to the fact that you will certainly be assaulted by more than one demon anyway.


Along through this, you might want to usage the heal abilites. The two key healing abilites are regenerate and rejuvenate. Regenerate is an capacity that calls for 10 hitpoints (which friend should have actually from the get-go) and also restores up to 25% of her life points. The main drawback come this is that you cannot usage regenerate in combat and it is members-only. The other capability is rejuvenate. The heals 40% of her lifepoints. Rejuvenate calls for 52 defence and any kind of shield (including a shieldbow). The shield requirement and the defence need (for those who perform not have actually 52 defence) are the biggest concerns with rejuvenate, along with the truth that you need 100% adrenaline to usage rejuvenate. The shield requirement does not call for you to repeatedly use a shield in combat, just to have actually a shield wielded once you do the ability. For this reason you can conveniently circumvent the shield necessity by using 2 handed weapons and also then switcing to a shield for the five or so secs you must heal. Both rejuvenate and regenerate have similar healing power. As soon as your health and wellness is low, you might want to stop from using adrenaline reduce abilities (particularly the can be fried abilities) for this reason you will be prepared to heal once necessary. V the two healing abilities and a decent defence level, friend should have the ability to last indefinitely at the Lesser Demon area. By no method however eliminate food from your inventory together you still may need it because that emergency situations.


Urns and also Demon Slaying

The prayer experience obtained from Lesser Demon slaying have the right to be raised using urns. Urns are gadgets made from clay that host ashes killed from Lesser Demons. To do the urns, you will must mine clay, wet the clay, mould the clay into an urn and also finally warm it. That is said you go to Barbarian village to carry out this as you can do all four of these things there. Mine clay in ~ the clay mine just south the the Village, climate head come the well near the facility of town to wet the clay. Next, head come the southernmost building in the town and use the potter"s wheel to craft the wet clay right into an urn. Then use the pottery oven in the same building to warm the urns. Finally include an waiting rune come the urn to complete the deal.


There room two species of urns you deserve to use v Lesser Demons: Accursed Urns and also Infernal Urns. Accursed Urns need 26 crafting and can host 25 Lesser Demon ashes. Infernal Urns need 62 crafting, space members-only, and hold 125 Lesser Demon ashes. If possible, use Infernal Urns together they hold more ashes and you will not need to create brand-new urns as often. If you are going to stay at a Lesser Demon area for a lengthy time, you might want to bring 10+ urns v you so you can stay in ~ the area for a long period of time without having actually to go earlier for urns. As soon as an urn is full you deserve to teleport it away for experience. You have the right to only host 10 full urns in ~ a time, for this reason don"t wait until your list is complete of complete urns before you teleport castle off.

Why usage urns? There are two reasons. One is because that convenience. The urn acts rather as a bonecrusher. Rather of choose up the ashes, the urn will instantly collect the ashes indigenous the drop, saving you the moment of picking up the ashes. An additional reason is the urns increase the experience recieved from the ashes. Because that example, spreading 25 accursed ashes would acquire you 312.5 prayer experience. However, teleporting 25 accursed ashes using an accursed urn would acquire you 375 prayer experience. This is boost from 12.5 endure per demon to 15 endure per demon, boost of 20 percent. This will assist greatly in the lengthy run.


Lesser Demons are good monsters to death for both freeplayers and members because of your drops and also experience. Making use of urns will boost the prayer endure recieved from killing Lesser Demons.

Random Tidbits

The knife Silverlight (acquired throughout Demon Slayer) was when as valuable as a rune longsword against demons of any type, however in the current combat system that does not appear to it is in the case.

There is a Lesser Demon in ~ the Wizard"s Tower you deserve to talk to and taunt. The is imprisoned by part magical force. Once you ask wizard Grayzag why the demon is there, he claims it to be summoned long back and castle cannot remove it. You can strike the Lesser Demon but you cannot pick up any kind of arrows or drops uneven you usage telekinetic grab. The isn"t there for no reason; he renders a cameo in the Rune memories quest and you have the right to talk to him ~ the quest for part extra endure if you have 50 magic and prayer.

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You may think every urns teleported walk to offerings come the god or to placed those Lesser Demons in a much better place. Yet this is not the case. Instead, every one of the urns teleported go to one urn obsessed male name Ernie who stays in the upstairs of a building in Varrock. Girlfriend can likewise personally lug your urns come Ernie. As soon as you asking why Ernie needs every one of these urns, the refuses to tell you, speak it is a "secret, tasty experiment."


Lesser Demons (as fine as other demons) have gone through numerous graphic updates end the years. After ~ the release of 4476mountvernon.com 2, their graphics were changed in 2006 and 2013. When the initial 4476mountvernon.com 2 Lesser Demons offered to strike you, lock looked favor they to be waving in ~ you, so we believed that us would end this guide with a tide goodbye.