Little huge Town’s song “Better Man” written by Taylor Swift really puts me on my feels.

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The text speak truth- even if it’s the sad pathetic type of truth that no one really desires to hear. Girls, I know you’ll be able to relate come this one. Take a listen.

1. “I understand I’m probably much better off top top my own than lovin’ a man who didn’t recognize what he had actually when he had actually it.”

“I great it wasn’t 4am, stand in the winter saying to myself, you recognize you had actually to perform it I recognize the bravest thing I ever before did was run.”

It’s a tough to concerned terms through the fact that you’d actually be better on your own than continuing to be with him. You recognize that it’s true and also you’d be smart to leave, you just don’t desire to think that a guy you love simply deserve to not love friend the means that friend deserve.

2. “And I view the permanent damage you did to me never again, I simply wish I can forget once it to be magic”

One of the most difficult aspects of do the efforts to move on native a connection is the storage of the great times you had actually together. Her mind always takes you ago to just how it offered to be as soon as you were in love. It’s tough to acquire past the truth that the human being you thought he was ago then isn’t the same human being he’s come to be today.

3. “I’m hanging on every fruit word hope it might turn sweet again. Prefer it was in the beginning.”

Going turn off the critical point, forgetting is the hardest part. Just how are you an alleged to simply forget every one of the good times you had? It harms to think about the method he supplied to make you laugh, the means he used to law you like you were the many precious thing in the world, the way he offered to go out of his way to do you feeling special, the time you sang at the peak of her lungs come your track together, the time he’d rotate you about while you were dancing just due to the fact that he knew how much you preferred that, and also the worst of the all, the innocent feeling you had when he kissed you because that the very first time.

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You can’t just forget things prefer that. It will take time but as tough as the is, the male you thought he was earlier then plainly isn’t the male he really is. He’s making that clear. You deserve much better love indigenous a much better man.

4. “Sometimes, in the center of the night, I have the right to feel you again. But I simply miss you, and also I simply wish you were a much better man.”

It’s inevitable- you are going to have actually feelings the will make you miss “him.” Let’s do this clear though, friend don’t miss out on him. You miss out on the guy you thought he was, the man he should’ve been, and the great times in the relationship. The male you “miss” doesn’t exist anymore.

5. “You’re talking under to me like I’ll always be around. You push my love away choose it’s some sort of invited gun. Boy, you never thought I’d run.”

He failed to love you prefer you were leaving. He quit caring. He quit asking. He quit pursuing. He stopped loving you yet he still never thought you’d actually leave. He took your love because that granted. He missed his chance.

6. “We could still be in love, if you to be a better man.”

You wanted him to be that man. You great he could’ve to be a man and also loved you the right way. You saw the potential and also the future but you had actually to let walk of that due to the fact that even though it could’ve worked, it wasn’t due to the fact that he wasn’t great enough. You can still be in love IF he was a better man. Key word IF.

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That “better man” that will love you the right way is the end there, girlfriend just need to move on to get to him.