large Brother 22: Ian Terry's ideal Moments, every Wins & game Strategy native Season 14 huge Brother 22: All-Stars contestant Ian terry has crucial legacy on the show that consists of beating Dan Gheesling on huge Brother 14.

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Big brothers 22: All-Stars contestant Ian Terry has vital legacy on the show that has beating Dan Gheesling on Big brother 14. As soon as Ian was actors on BB14, he was a 21-year-old college student. Regardless of being native Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, he was living in brand-new Orleans, Louisiana in ~ the time. Ian was attending Tulane University and majoring in chemistry engineering. He was also working for the university as a resides advisor and as a research study assistant. Native the jump, Ian defined himself together a Big Brother superfan. Under the affect of his parents, Ian started city hall the display when he was ten years old. His greatest idol was Dr. Will, that won Big brothers 2 and come back to compete on the series" first-ever All-Stars season a few years later.

Ian terrycloth was by much the youngest houseguest in the Big brother 14 cast. Most of the players on that season were in their mid-to-late twenties, and the season also featured rather a few contestants that were in their thirties and forties. That year, for the very first time in the history of the show, four veteran houseguests were brought on as "coaches." The premise consisted of assigning three pupils to every coach. If all 3 of them were eliminated, then the coach would consequently be evicted as well. Top top the other hand, if among their pupils winner the $500,000 grand prize, the coach would take a side examine for $100,000. The 4 coaches cast on BB14 were Dan Gheesling (BB10 winner), Mike Boogie (BB2 contestant and BB7 winner), Janelle Pierzina (third ar on both BB6 and BB7), and Britney Haynes (fourth ar on BB12).

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At the beginning of BB14, Ian was chosen to be on Mike Boogie"s team, which likewise included Frank and also Jenn. Each week, the 4 coaches had a vain of their own, and Boogie won the very first one that those coach competitions. Winning the comp gave Boogie the strength to guarantee the safety and security of among his pupils, and he determined Ian. In a way, this to be the begin of the somewhat close connection that Ian maintained with Boogie and also Frank. Moreover, the concept that Ian had to be saved created the presumption that he was a weak player that could"ve been evicted in ~ the begin of the season...which was exactly what Ian wanted to happen.

During those first few weeks on Big brothers 14, Ian retained being the pleasant, funny, and geeky guy the was preferred by everyone. He deliberately took ~ above the penalty of put on a dog costume and also living in a dog kennel because that 24 hours. Ian likewise expressed to have a to like on Ashley, a 26-year-old mobile spray tan agency owner that only saw him as a friend. Still, Ian regulated to rally the entire house to aid him obtain a "slop date" v Ashley. Basically the whole house assisted him pull turn off the date, which as soon as again placed him in a position of being a quirky, fun-loving male who wasn"t in any way a risk to the game. Together someone that was a friend to everyone, however, Ian put himself in a place of having access to every one of the details going roughly the house. When power players started to take keep in mind of that, they proactively pulled him into their alliances.

Ian go on to join two BB14 alliances: the Quack Pack and also Chilltown 2.0. Both the these partnerships were formally assembled after main 3, as soon as the video game was "reset" and also the coaches came to be regular players contending for the complete $500,000 cool prize. The Quack Pack contained Dan, Britney, Danielle, and Shane. In turn, Chilltown 2.0 was an agreement in between Boogie and Frank. It is of note that Ian was always on the outskirts of Chilltown 2.0. Essentially, the served an ext as an associate than as an actual alliance member. However, he still managed to gain Boogie and Frank"s trust, get protected by them, and have accessibility to their strategies. V his Quack pack alliance, Ian pulled off a blindside that brought about Mike Boogie"s eviction. Then, Ian revealed how he pulled the off in his post-eviction post to Mike Boogie. In turn, Boogie was visibly shocked and impressed the a 21-year-old college student outplayed a former Big Brother winner.

following Boogie"s eviction, open minded took notification that Ian was play them every along and also was a much stronger BB player he formerly thought. From over there on out, Ian quit throwing competitions, realizing the he was now absolutely a target to some people in the house. He winner his first-ever Head of household competition on week 6 and put up Frank for eviction. However, Frank won the subsequent Power of Veto competition and also got himself the end of the nomination block. In the adhering to weeks, Ian ended up being the very first and only player in BB history to open up Pandora"s Box 2 times. In between weeks 6 and also 10, Ian won four HOH comps, two POV comps, and survived two nominations. Through all of those wins, Ian was safe during six that the seven elimination rounds that took ar on the show.

As Head of Household, Ian was straight responsible for the eviction of four players. First, he evicted Ashley, Frank, and Jenn over the food of countless weeks. Then, Ian got to the last 3 through Dan and Danielle, that had a really tight alliance transparent the whole season. Yet it was Ian that won the last HOH competition, thus being the deciding poll on that would walk to the finale v him. At that point, Ian pulled turn off the critical blindside the the season: the revelation that he had actually a last 2 covenant with Dan, and also the surprising decision come actually go through with it. Dan had actually won Big brother 10 and was again one of the ideal players on BB14. Danielle, in turn, would certainly logically be a much easier person to beat in the finale. And also yet, Ian decided the more difficult option and still come out victorious at the end.

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At the Big brother 14 finale, Ian terry beat Dan Gheesling in a 6-1 jury vote. Surprisingly, Danielle actors the sole vote because that Dan, despite having to be blindsided by him. In any kind of case, the poll was almost unanimous, i beg your pardon proved that a 21-year-old university student can outplay among the ideal players in the history of the show.