This song takes the format of a late night talk show. Two significant others played by Jhené and Sean begin talking politely about one another before beginning to argue on live… Read More 

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Welcome back, welcome back to the very very very late night showI’m your host like every night LBAnd uhhh we got two of the biggest stars in the world right nowI mean, we can’t go anywhere without hearing their namesNow you two usually keep it private but you’re about to open up and uhhh I guess we’ll start with youAnd tell us how you’re feelingSee I’m a real womanA women that doesn’t need much butAppreciates a whole lotAnd he always call me crazy, but i’m not crazyI’m from LA where the sun’s always shining so a lot of people are shadyBut at least I got my babyYeah, right babyRight, lookWhat’s the difference between real love and fake loveThe same difference between real titties and fake onesYou can feel the differenceAnd even though it changes overtimeIt stays consistent, I ain't gonna lie though, it takes persistenceBut you the one I wanna be with when the ball dropThat’s why I send for you like the call dropPlus I know all your insecuritiesAnd I don’t mean like mall copsI mean the type we all gotI’m never focused on my exes more than our executionNo time to be stressed and confusingA happy home is the best to move inJust like happy endings can be the best conclusionMy dad used to say real love can be the best illusionBecause when you think it’s there, it’s already movingAnd some feelings will leave before the rest can move inAnd I know both of our families are divorced and suingBut look, this ain't repetition, it’s evolutionYou changed the theory upYou the type to have the hardest nigga tearing upAnd all your friends around you try to get their appearance upWhen you ain't even wearing muchBut real enough to remind me to hit my parents up

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Wow. I mean… make some noise for em'Everybody, make some noiseI mean that’s, that’s real love you know?That’s beautiful. Makes me want to call my wife up and tell her I love her. You seem like a stand-up guy, like you really have her best interest… ohYeah, he’s sweetI mean you, know, when he wants to be, not all the timeLet’s not front in front of all these people, niggaDon’t act like just a couple weeks ago, you wasn’t fucking with them bitchesOut here, disrespecting meI mean you know I fucked up tooWent through your phone you wasn’t lookingAnd I found out, but if we in the same house, the same buildingThen you can’t interrupt a happy home that’s still buildin'You ol’ sneaky ass niggaFuck is you sayin'?Who are you talkin' to?Never called you a bitch, but who are you barkin' to?Look, you disrespecting me, calling me a lying ass niggaWho are you trying, am I on trial?Are you not the number one on my speed dialYou know that you trippingYou need guidanceYou got these people inside our businessLike U and I isYou probably didn’t even catch that did youYou’re too undividedYou’re too undecisiveYou’re too one sidedYou the type to kick me out the house after I buy itAnd then talk to me like you’re the pro when I’m the one that’s been providingI hate talking about what’s private when we not in private‘Cause I don’t want to say nothing to piss your mother offSince we inviting everyone in the bedroomLet’s take the covers offAnd talking about how you fucking what’s his name who’s so fucking lameI wish I would’ve known before I took the rubber off (ah!)Got me questioning like is this even love at allI used to see my future in your eyes like the crystal ballLooking for some feelings in the lost and foundContemplatingThinking how we supposed to hold each other down if we can’t even hold on a conversationYou take the sex away then what else are we left to lay inI’m tired of fronting for these people who ain't got our back‘Cause to them it’s all entertainmentAnd they not looking at us like we real peopleOr like we up here just fuckin playingAnd time’s the only thing we can’t affordThen why would waste itHow we supposed to face our problemsIf we can’t even face to face it