(Backround:) (Wohhh ohhhh ohhh wohhhhh ohhh)(Big Tuck:)Get money, and also we gon" get moneyThem boy fresh but they no this stuntedWhen ns walk by also smell like moneyDope male clean not a cursed stain on me (Stain top top me) (Repeat x1)(Verse:)"Murphey Lee"Uh murphey dirty st... Luigi rapperIf it"s money 2 b gained damnm right I"m gone gain itI"m a insane certified laboratory star st.louis the crib and also dallas is mine backwardWe gettin money it ain"t a thang homie gotta hiber navigator with exclusive jayz on emU kno 23"s questioning me wat it expense me cause gas high together hell so u kno it"s were I"m flossinIn the in the summer time... Dirty chain on me u watch me on mine shirt ain"t a cursed stain ~ above meThese females all around is the just thang on me I see the haters faces but they ain"t sayin nun...I got large money twenty"s fifty"s n hunnit"s if u ain"t a gwaup getter get the f**k far from itCall me dirty murphe ns be the end n a minuteYa"ll store beefin with each otherWhile ns take treatment of yo womenI WILL(Big Tuck:)Get money, and we gon" obtain moneyThem boy fresh yet they no this stuntedWhen i walk by even smell prefer moneyDope man clean no a cursed stain ~ above me (Stain top top me)(x1)(Big Tuck:)Prada frames top top me, look at tha chain me, oh that n***a gained a median swag on him don"t he, all tha girls want me, but couple girls only, ya u lookin good but don"t placed ya stain top top me, not a not a stain top top me, I store that thang on me, Ain"t Ain"t gotta usage it mean knuckle video game on me, I save some adjust on me, i can"t complain homie, I"on desire ya girl pimpin she jus all on mePeople"s People"s swag ~ above me, I store a rag top top me, b*t*hes love ta watch my red monkey sag ~ above me, then they brag ~ above me, try to throw the a** top top me?, Hop ins lookin? ns ain"t leavin here loneley, not a no a stain top top me no a not a stain ~ above me, so damn fresh I"on think it rain top top me, VBS stones not a damn one phony, DOPE DOPE DOPE guy CLEAN, not a cursed stain top top me...(Chorus:)Get money, and we gon" gain moneyThem young fresh yet they not this stuntedWhen i walk by even smell prefer moneyDope man clean not a damn stain ~ above me (Stain top top me)(x1)I"m from southern Dallas drop(drop), southern Dallas drop(drop), I"m tha kinda dope ta get any type of city HOT(HOT), Dope man fresh(fresh) chain ~ above tha chest(chest) human body rock tha phase ain"t a stain ~ above me yet...(Fat B:)Now get ya money on(Get ya money on) obtain ya money on(Get ya money on)Make it rain in tha club watch ya money gone...(Big Tuck:)Ain"t a stain ~ above me (uh) ain"t a stain top top me (uh uh) Ain"t a stain on me, Ain"t a stain on me (uh uh) Ain"t a stain on me (uh uh) Ain"t a stain top top me (uh) every in the club b*t*h that ain"t a stain on me... (x1)