Seth MacFarlane attends the "The Orville" push Line throughout Comic-Con worldwide (Photo: Jerod Harris/Getty Images)

Netflix’s Fyre: The biggest Party That never ever Happened and Hulu’s Fyre Fraud have restored interest in the biggest con of current history, the Fyre Festival. After watching old clips of the failure festival’s co-founder, Billy McFarland, 27, human being on the Internet have noticed his passing resemblance to Seth MacFarlane. Is Billy McFarland related to Seth MacFarlane? That’s simply a far-fetched theory.

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Are Billy McFarland and also Seth MacFarlane Brothers?

The recent documentaries on the terrible Fyre Festival that 2017 have turned the fist onto Billy McFarland when again. The Fyre Media and also festival co-founder and CEO to be convicted the defrauding investors in October 2018.

While that did show up in the Hulu documentary, Netflix offered clips that him and his former service partner, Ja Rule. Through McFarland’s confront getting more visibility with the documentaries, net denizens have noticed he bear a passing resemblance to Hollywood star Seth MacFarlane.

Actor, singer, filmmaker, voice artist, and creator of household Guy, Seth MacFarlane has actually been dragged right into the Fyre Festival discussion recently. Yes a Reddit thread the discusses the opportunity of these two being brothers, never ever mind that their critical names room spelled differently.


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There’s also an overreaching theory that claims their names space the an outcome of typos in the family members census. There’s a populace of internet users that are persuaded MacFarlane and also McFarland are regarded each other in part way.

However, MacFarlane does no have any type of familial relation to the judge felon, allow alone gift a brother. MacFarlane likewise has nothing to carry out with the Fyre fiasco.

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Seth MacFarlane’s Family

There’s very little known about Billy McFarland’s family. Born william McFarland ~ above December 11, 1991, in brand-new York City, the was increased in new Jersey by parental who worked in actual estate.

Seth MacFarlane was born on October 26, 1973 and is 45 years old. His father, Ronald Milton MacFarlane, and also mother, Ann Perry, hail indigenous Massachusetts, when MacFarlane to be born and raised in Kent, Connecticut.

MacFarlane doesn’t have actually a brother. His sister, Rachael MacFarlane, is likewise a voice actor.

The MacFarlane family’s family tree dates ago to 1600s new England. They room descendants of wilhelm Brewster, a passenger the the Mayflower.

A look in ~ the prolonged MacFarlane family members tree also reveals that there’s no McFarland in their lineage.

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So over there you have actually it, folks! Seth MacFarlane and Billy McFarland aren’t related. Nonetheless, there’s a petition because that MacFarlane come play the disgraced businessman in a Fyre Festival biopic.