I'm no stuck anywhere, I'm just looking to begin it and I'm fishing for tips. I've beaten KH2FM on crucial mode in english and ago in the day in JP. I've win the game prior to on PSP on proud setting so don't it is in shy around spoilers if you have to.

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When it concerns BBS, an important and Proud never ever felt much different to me. Wiki cases you do fifty percent damage and also enemies do double damage, but I would never have actually guessed the latter part.

EXP Zero have the right to be a useful boss struggle booster, if you're a short level; the apparently offers you a strength rise proportional to level. (And girlfriend don't get EXP native bosses, so you're not missing out on anything.) If you acquire stuck, it's feasible to outlevel BBS's an obstacle curve - i think i levelled to 10 or so before I started my first an essential run, and also it to be a lot much less challenging.

The first couple of human beings can be a small annoying, due to the fact that you often tend to carry out very small damage and also enemies have the right to do a the majority of damage. Just try and level as much as 10 or for this reason by the end of the second world in ~ the an extremely latest, and also you have to be fine.

Also, abilities prefer EXP pedestrian and 2nd Chance/Once more are invaluable once you space able come meld them. I think you have the right to meld them as early as Radiant Garden i believe.

Meld all Abilities within the first couple of worlds.

Run Curas and not Curagas (Curagas have actually too lengthy of a cooldown for the lot of HP you're capped through imo)

Uh...play in ~ Lv.1, this is probably the one video game you can beat the story
Lv.1 and also be rather okay v as lengthy as you recognize the mechanics if you need a challenge. I can't to speak the same around the optional bosses choose Armor of the Master and also No Heart, ns haven't personally to win them yet at Lv.1.

For real, also in crucial Mode, this video game is quite easy.

No issue the story, you'll desire to grind a lot and meld an effective commands early. You'll also want come consult a guide in stimulate to get the preferred abilities. 2nd chance abs once much more are a godsend in any KH video game on Critical. You should additionally play the command board, it'll aid level up your regulates quickly early-game and will offer you access to several of the strongest shotlocks.

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You'll want to usage Curaga a lot, therefore it could be hoove friend to have like 3 in her deck. Also, you might want come abuse shotlocks, they have the right to trivialize some pretty difficult boss fights.

On a related note i was dumb enough to choose sword twice on both mine kh2 crucial runs. 2nd chance lvl 85. I dont recommend doing the lol


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