Hi ns at sand grain bazaar ~ above the stable keeper and also he is not giving me a quest to gain the camel ns 57... How do i obtain it?



make certain the "Preferred Type" at the bottom of your questlog is set to "all" (everything yellow rather of grey)


Back monitor on that quest chain come see, iirc your black soul quest must have ultimately led girlfriend there.

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I feel her pain, newly came back to the game and I couldn't number out just how to get a camel aswell.

What friend wanna perform is, is obtain a level 15 tier 5 horse, check it in at any kind of stable and also click on "imperial horse delivery". Friend will obtain 5 horse tokens which girlfriend then require to the steady NPC in Sand grain Bazaar, his name is "Bochlo", i believe. Trade those tokens because that a camel.

This likewise works with reduced tier horses however they must be level 15 ns think.

The sample is basically choose this: Level 15 T1 horse: 1 token Level 15 T2 horse: 2 tokens Level 15 T3 horse: 3 tokens Level 15 T4 horse: 4 tokens Level 15 T5 horse: 5 tokens ETC.

You require 5 tokens for the camel, there's also one because that 15 tokens however I think castle aren't various aside from appearance.

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If friend can't figure it out, simply trade in a Tier 5 Horsey for a camel.

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