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undead- wellness still drop as soon as being hit but you won't die.-min healthallowed deserve to be changed via the entry. Default: 1, can be changed by editing and enhancing the script, heat 3.

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ignore mp- girlfriend can constantly use Shards and Techniques regardless of your present mp.- mp quiet drop once using Shards and Techniques until it get zero or get the min mp necessary for the equipped Manipulative Shard (lazy to map for the action of spreading Manipulative Shards...).inf. Bullet- fitted bullet amount won't drop below 1 once you fire your gun.inf. Dual jump- as title says.- if you're NOT making use of keyboard+mouse, girlfriend can't use the downward-kick in mid-air with this script activated. You will have to change the lua key-listener in the script to hear to the controller down switch instead the the keyboard "S" key.- through keyboard+mouse, you deserve to use downward-kick in mid-air there is no the must do a dual jump mid-air first.- if you're in newgame+ already, girlfriend don't have to re-acquire the double jump shard in stimulate to double jump.ignore gold- you have the right to buy anything from Dominique regardless of your present gold.- gold still decreases till it will zero as soon as you to buy stuff.ignore ingredients- girlfriend can constantly craft items, prepare foods, and enhance shards v or without any ingredients.- ingredients still decrease till they with zero once you usage them.- that would avoid the game from registering the buff you gained from eating. So, remember todeactivate this script prior to you very first eat a brand-new food. Or just activate this script when you must craft/prepare/enhance something.999999 luck- luck is capped in ~ 999 by game default. The script, as soon as activated, would force 999999 luck and skip the upper cap (luck would certainly still be presented as 999 once in the menu).- luck would revert come normal once you deactivate the script.modifiers mod- activate this manuscript to gain access to 7 child scripts.attack rate mod- activatemodifiers modfirst.- attack speed modifier will be changed by the specifiedx?. I.e., any type of equipments and/or shards that would certainly modify this exact same value would certainly be replaced by the script.-x?can be readjusted via the entry. Default: x1.4.move rate mod- activatemodifiers modfirst.-x?default: x1.15, very same as the impact of the "Speed Belt". The means, with this manuscript activated, girlfriend don't have to spend one accessory slot for its effect.slide rate mod- activatemodifiers modfirst.-x?default: x1.2, very same as the impact of the "Strider Belt". That means, through this manuscript activated, girlfriend don't need to spend one accessory slot because that its effect.backstep rate mod- activatemodifiers modfirst.-x?default: x1.2, very same as the impact of the "Moon Belt". The means, through this manuscript activated, you don't have to spend one accessory slot because that its effect.100% crit hit- as title says.- activatemodifiers modfirst.guard all attack- activatemodifiers modfirst.- must GUARD all incoming attacks, if i haven't missed any kind of nullify modifiers...guard every trap- activatemodifiers modfirst.- gives you the impact of "Aegis Plate". No trap could hurt you.enemy drop mod- girlfriend can force the opponent drop.- if you've collection set a shard or item drop, the shard/item you have 100% drop rate.- friend won't acquire the shard you select if the adversary you killed have no shard come drop (check the Demon archive if you're not sure). Just pick another enemy to kill. The exact same goes because that the item drops.- you'd find 3 id entries for each that the 4 items. That are the same address actually, I just separate them so the you can select the desired item from the drop-down-list easier. E.g., if you desire to fall a sword, uncover it from the "id (weapons)" drop down list; if you want to drop some food, uncover it in the identifier (items) list. Etc.- an extremely very few item IDs now. Feel complimentary to share her findings and I'll add them come the table on next update.- for steam version through DLC installed.- withfetch idactivated, you can highlight an entry in the "Archives > Item" menu, climate copy thehighlighted entry idmanually, and paste the to one of the drop id entry.or you have the right to use the following hot-keys in-game to set the drop.


hold numpad0, then:numpad1 to 4 :: collection the emphasize entry id come drop item id 1 to 4 respectively. And set the drop amount to 1numpad5 :: set the ghlightedted entry id come the autumn shrad id.numpad9 :: reset all drop ids, and all drop quantities to zero.- whenfetch idis activated, all items / entries would certainly be revealed, no issue you have acquired them formerly or not. Applies to both the ?????? items/shards and also those won't show up as ?????? at all if girlfriend haven't discovered them yet, prefer the password-unlock items, boss medals, tomes, etc.highlighted item/shard- enables you to modify thequantityandmax stackof the emphasize item/shard.- there are many GRAY pointers there, I've however to test what they room for. Feel free to test around and also report.- also permits you to edit therank,gradeand 2 modifiers of the highlighted shard.- what the modification represent may differ counts on the shard you're highlighting. Some shard just need the location or class to calculate the effect, some use the modifiers. You will have to test because that yourself.-rank,gradewill it is in saved as soon as you conserve the game, while the 2 modifiers will certainly be reset ~ above each video game session.

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game rate mod- CE's speedhack is resulting in stuttering come both sound and also animation, therefore this script.- allows you to adjust the game speed at will.- CE's hotkeys are collection for straightforward speed adjust in-game:


hold numpad0, then:numpad. :: reset\numpad/ :: 0.2numpad* :: 0.4numpad- :: 0.6numpad+ :: 0.8- the hotkeys are set using CE's build-in function, that way you deserve to change,delete,add any an essential you want by pressing Ctrl-H once highlighting thecustom speedentry.


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