New DemonsNameShardNotable Drops
Ice ElementalResist ice (4%)-
Demon LordFald Ciu (5%)-
G Axe OutsiderAxe strike (4%)-
Gusion CannonFirearm field of expertise (4%)-
TracerSummon Tracer (4%)-

Blue chests: Cashmere, Crystal, Alexandrite, Orichalcum, 500G.

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Exit this small room come the best for a room v two ice Elementals, a brand-new demon in this area. Take out the very first one and also climb down, climate go ideal for a blue chest. Go ago up and proceed come the best side that the room, take the end the other Elemental and open the 2nd blue chest near the top-right corner. Departure right from here, climate go down this long vertical room and grab the blue chest top top the left. In ~ the bottom the the room, research the bookshelf for a new journal entry and also go appropriate for a warp room (use it if friend wish).

Go ago left and also drop down right into the room below, there are number of treasures to acquire here. Open up the eco-friendly chest ~ above the right to receive Crystal Armor , then pick up the MP MAX UP lying on the left side of the room. Now break the wall surface near the top-left corner to attain a Weighted Ring . Go back up right into the vertical room, then head left with the lower-left exit and also go left again from the room.

There"s a brand-new enemy in this room dubbed the Demon Lord, loss it together with the ice cream Elemental and also go under into another room listed below this one. Open up the blue chest here and also return earlier up, climate take the left exit. Defeat the two new enemies G Axe Outsider and Gusion Cannon here then continue left, stay close to the height in this room and take the upper-left departure for a room through a Gusion Cannon guarding a eco-friendly chest. Loss the demon and also open the chest to receive the Warhorse"s Key


Return right and also take the middle-left leave for three demons and also a blue chest behind them, take the demons out and also open the chest for some materials. Go earlier to the vertical room and also take the lower-right leave this time (nothing to execute in the lower-left exit at this time). Defeat the adversaries here and go to the bottom-right edge for a blue chest, open it then relocate toward the green chest above you native the left. Use Reflector ray to reach the chest for a Fragarach

weapon. Now take the bottom leave down to one more room.

New method - force BlastTechnique NameDescriptionWeaponControlsMP Cost
Force BlastDraw on her sword"s magical power and also unleash that upon enemies.Fragarach

The brand-new Fragarach weapon you simply received have the right to be used to do a new technique, for this reason equip it and also input the controls to include this an approach to the in-game method list. If you"re interested in this technique, think about mastering the to be able to use the on various other weapons the the very same type.

Defeat the new Tracer demons here then leave right, the right exit here leader to a save room. Overlook the conserve room because that now and drop down the upright room, grab the content of the blue chest ~ above the best side the the room as you go down. At the bottom-right edge of the room is a breakable wall, break it and pick up the MP MAX UP

then leave down through the nearby platform. Open up the blue chest here then go earlier up and also head to the save room. Make certain to conserve the game, then exit left and also take the lower-left exit for a scene followed by a ceo battle.

Boss: GremoryLevelHPEXPShardWeaknesses
Dimension change (100%)
-25 Light, 0 Poison

Gremory is a half-woman half-camel demon that has a large ring attached to her back, i m sorry displays various shapes the the moon. The moon form determines which assaults she will certainly use, and also she will readjust the forms in a specific order. You have the right to think of it as an indicator for various phases of the boss battle. Once a moon shape is gone, it will certainly not be repeated. Few of her strikes get brought over to the next phase and some are just exclusive to certain phases.

Dimension reach (No Moon): Gremory will open up a dimensional rift and also reach out into it v all she arms, the arms then would appear below friend from the floor to assault you. The selection of the arms spawning from the soil is decent yet still limited, so the arms will certainly stop following you ~ a details point. The eight can continue their path right into the wall to with the ceiling if castle spawned near the wall. Gremory will save using this assault throughout all phases that the fight.Shadow Ofuda Talismans (No Moon): Gremory spawns about 5 ofuda talismans one ~ the various other that have slight homing capabilities. If you get hit, the assault will inflict the curse status result that decreases her max HP. Gremory will prevent using this strike once the No Moon phase is over.Sickle chisels (Crescent Moon): Yellow sickle chisels are summoned ~ above their very own at random areas in the room that gradually move toward you. Girlfriend can strike these knives to do them disappear, otherwise dodge them and they"ll disappear after some time. The sickles have a psychic of their own, because they are periodically summoned even when Gremory is using an additional attack. This strike will carry over to the next two phases.Red Sickle knives (Crescent Moon): Gremory summons red sickle chisels this time, they are a bit larger, take trip faster and cannot be struck or destroyed.Giant Scissors (Half Moon): Gremory opens up a dimensional rift and brings soon a huge pair of scissors indigenous it. She climate moves come either side of the room and proceeds to strike you v the scissors. The attack has a long variety but it just affects the area whereby you are standing at the moment she moves to the side, so stay still until then and do a Double/High run to dodge the attack. She starts making use of this assault when the ring over her head has half a moon shape, and will continue to usage the attack even v a full moon (although much less often).Laser Blast (Full Moon): Gremory will certainly generate a huge horizontal laser blast native the ring above her head that stretches to each finish of the room, she will certainly then revolve it around the room (either clockwise or counterclockwise, appears to it is in random). To stop this attack, you need to move toward the exact same direction the laser is moving, and also use Invert come walk top top the ceiling and continue to dodge the attack. You deserve to crouch and also slide over Gremory"s head once you"re inverted. She only starts using this assault when the ring above her head has a complete moon shape.

If friend have dealt with the O.D. Optional boss prior to Gremory, you can use the Standstill shard to stop both sickle types to aid you protect against them easier. Girlfriend can attack the yellow persons this way, although lock won"t disappear till after you prevent using the shard.

Also, if you have the silver- Knight familiar, you can use it throughout the last phase (full moon) of the fight to deflect and stop Gremory"s Laser Blast. She will certainly still save doing the computer animation as if the strike is quiet ongoing, which leaves her fragile to few of your own attacks. Although you can"t really manage the acquainted so that doesn"t do it every the time, and I think you need to be close to the laser for the items to notice that you"re in danger.

Once you loss Gremory, you will achieve the Dimension Shift directional shard. If you regulate to loss Gremory without obtaining hit, girlfriend will also receive the Gremory Medal for her effort.

There"s a pair of bosses left prior to the video game credits roll, you can go for these bosses now or do some other stuff, like crafting equipment, crafting shards, cooking, farming shards, shard enhancements, and/or farming gold. Friend can likewise go because that the End-game contents for part optional bosses if friend wish. Another option is come beat the story now and also do all the miscellaneous stuff later.

Onto the final Battle


From the save room close to the place you dealt with Gremory, take it the upper-left exit followed through the over exit. Now go left into the upright room and take the lower-left leave to the room us ignored before. Usage the Dimension change shard in this room a few times to warp to the smaller locations of the room and reach the exit. Walk left and also use Dimension shift again (or Reflector beam if you like) to go with the small opening, climate descend down into the next room.

Head right right here for a bit and break the wall on the right, pick up the Capacity Up

indigenous the wall surface and climb down to the bottom of the room. Departure right because that a conserve room

Boss: DominiqueLevelHPEXPShardWeaknesses
-25 Dark, 0 Poison

Dominique supplies a whip as her key weapon, it has actually a decent range and

Phase 1

Double Jump: Dominique can double jump right into the air. Not really an attack, but this enables her to perform a run kick. Periodically she just twin jumps there is no the jump kick, this is simply a trick you and nothing more.

Jump Kick: She will dual jump and perform a diagonal run kick v her feet.Summon Ghost: Summons 3 ghosts the follow you around trying come hurt you.Riga Storaema: Summons six pillars that flame throughout the room, over there is enough space between each column for you come escape to and avoid damage.Va Ischa: Casts 4 separate ice spells each forming a icicle travel in one direction. Every icicle is a bit higher than the one before it. This ability is the same as the conjure shard with the very same name.Tis Raiff: Casts a light spell that produces 4 rays the light that travel towards you.
Phase 2

Phase 2 will certainly start as soon as around half of Dominique"s HP is depleted, she will change her phase 1 attacking shards and also start using various and more powerful shards.

Elbow Strike: A close-range assault where Dominique dashes forward and also attempts to strike you with her elbow. If the strike hits you, it will carry out a close-up computer animation for a bit, climate Miriam will certainly be sent out flying a long distance far from Dominique.Riga Dohin: Ten orbs paris from Dominique throughout the entirety room, developing fields that incinerating flames in all directions approximately her (the roof and two walls on the side). If an orb access time you before reaching the wall, the will produce the flame field at the spot whereby you obtained hit. This ability is the same as the conjure shard v the same name, yet has a much greater number of flame orbs that generate from it.Va Schia: Summons seven hunks of ice in a heat in prior of her that drop under from above. There doesn"t seem to be any room between each hunk of ice, for this reason it"s better to jump over Dominique once you hear her casting this shard. This skill is the exact same as the conjure shard v the same name, however it summons much more hunks of ice.Tis Rozaïn: Dominique sends out two big light laser blasts each pointing come one side of the room, then she controls the lasers and aims them at you. She just moves one laser in ~ a time, so girlfriend can twin jump over Dominique and go behind she to protect against this assault (the laser behind she won"t move, just the one friend jumped over).Draconic Rage: Summons a big dragon come strike you with its claw once before it leaves, leave a substantial explosion behind. This ability is the exact same as the conjure shard v the exact same name, however the explode is exclusive come this version.

Dominique deserve to be poisoned with any type of poison weapons (such together the Stinger rapier indigenous Sidhe demons) or shards (Acid Jet or venom Mist directional shards). She will shed 54 HP each tick of the poison for 13 ticks, with a complete of 702 inflicted damage. Together such, the poison status effect can be really helpful in taking down the boss, if you"re having difficulties defeating her the regular way. If you regulate to loss Dominique without obtaining hit, friend will likewise receive the Dominique Medal for her effort.

After a pair of scenes, an additional boss fight will start.

Boss: BaelLevelHPEXPShardWeaknesses

Bael is a serpent-like creature that has three heads, a man, a cat and a toad head. You can attack any type of of the heads to inflict damages on the boss. Also, Dominique will help Bael the end by spreading some assignment shards on among the heads. Friend can"t attack Dominique here, for this reason just emphasis on Bael while preventing Dominique"s attacks. The boss itself will certainly circle approximately the edges of the room and won"t perform any kind of attacks until it stops moving, however Dominique can still strike even as soon as the ceo is moving.

Occasionally transparent the boss battle, there will certainly be two or 3 purple magic circles in the center moving around the room, these magic circles act together platforms because that you to was standing on. Friend can also stand top top Bael"s body, but shot to avoid the heads together they damages you as soon as you touch them. Check the list below for what assaults to mean from this boss:

Tis Raiff: Dominique casts a light spell that produces 2 rays that light the travel towards you.Fire Bombs (Man): The guy will throw numerous fire bombs toward you, exploding once they land, the amount that throws different from 5-7 or more.Circular waves (Cat): The cat head will develop three sets of circular tide from among its eyes and also launch lock in your direction.Roaming Thunder (Toad): The toad will certainly launch a eco-friendly thunder bolt the moves really slowly in the direction of you.Bubbles (Toad): around a dozen balloon will move vertically in the room and try to struggle you, it appears their path is set so it"s no that difficult to prevent them.Rising Lava: This one is an ecological attack, sometimes then the ceo stops moving, lava will certainly start climbing from the bottom the the screen. Use Invert to stop the lava here.Tongue grab (Dominique): The camera will change to a close-up the Dominique as soon as she"s on the any type of of the three heads, climate she will cast this order to make the head she"s was standing on start its lengthy tongue and also tries to grab you with it, doing heavy damage. Relocate away from the head to stop getting captured in this attack.Thunder Blast (Dominique): The camera will adjust to a close-up that Dominique when she"s on the cat"s head, climate she will cast this spell to do the cat start a thunder blast in a right line in former of the cat.

If you regulate to defeat Bael without obtaining hit, friend will additionally receive the Bael Medal for her effort.

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After defeating Bael, a couple of more scenes will certainly play the end then the credits will begin rolling. Congratulations top top finishing Bloodstained: routine of the Night! This concludes the walkthrough section of the game, however, there"s still an ext places to explore and also treasures come find. The following section will cover the remainder of the content the video game has to offer.