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Bo Bice net worth is
$1.5 Million

Bo Bice Wiki Biography

Harold Elwin Bice, Jr. Is a Huntsville, Alabama-born American singer and a musician that is perhaps best known for being the runner-up in 4th season that “American Idol”. Born on first November, 1975, Harold is more recognized professionally by the surname “Bo Bice”. Bo has been energetic in the music industry due to the fact that 2005.

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A renowned musician and singer in America who has actually been active for much more than a decade, one may wonder how rich is Bo Bice at the present? As approximated by sources, Bo Bice counts his network worth in ~ an lot of $1.5 million as of mid-2016. The has regulated to amass his wide range by releasing three studio albums and also touring broadly as the lead singer of the band Blood, Sweat and also Tears. Also, that is the founding owner of a document label named “Sugar Money”, which has been adding to his network worth end the years.

Bo Bice net Worth $1.5 million

Raised in Alabama, Georgia, Florida and also London, Bo Bice prospered up with his mother, grandmother and also step-father; his mother and grandmother to be both gospel singers, and Bo to be inclined towards music from his teenage days while he to be attending London main High School. In ~ the time, he also formed his first band licensed has been granted “Spinning Jenny”, and also started trying out with alternative rock music. When he turn 18, Bo left London to go back to America; although that didn’t complete his high school in London, he obtained a GED from the USA. Later on, that enrolled in ~ the college of north Alabama, however dropped the end to pursue a job in music. Soon, he started singing together a part of bands consisting of “Purge”, “Sugar Money” and also “Sued Nickel”. Along with other members of “Purge”, Bo became detailed as a veteran in the nightclub circuits in America. In 1999, Bo released his very first alum licensed has been granted “Ex Gratia” together a part of “Purge”, and also later in 2000 he exit “Recipe for Flavor” through the tape “SugarMoney”.

His career take it a turn when he auditioned for the 2005 season that “American Idol”. Throughout the reality show, Bo sang well-known songs including “Whipping Post” through The Allman brother Band, “Get Ready” through The Temptations, “I’ll Be” by Edwin McCain and also “Spinning Wheel” by Blood, Sweat and also Tears among several others. At the finale the the season, Bo Bice sang his single “Inside her Heaven”, and also although the song came to be a hit, the finale winner to be Carrie Underwood with Bice finishing as a runner-up. However, complying with “American Idol”, he to be signed by RCA Records, and also the same year Bo exit his an initial solo album – “The real Thing”. The album came to be popular in the USA getting to number 4 in the charts. This to be a key time in Bice’s career, together his network worth began to rise.

Since “American Idol”, Bice has actually released three studio albums, and also has been touring together the command singer of Blood, Sweat and also Tears. Together a member of the band, he has performed in several components of the human being including Kuwait and Afghanistan, where he sang for the U.S troops deployed in the region. His tours and concerts have been including extensively to Bice’s network worth.

Regarding his personal life, 40 year-old Bice is leading his life as a married man. He has actually been married come Caroline Fisher due to the fact that 2005 and also is a father of three children. For now, the enjoys his career together a renowned singer if his net worth the $1.5 million caters come his and his family’s everyday lives.

Full NameBo Bice
Net Worth$1.5 Million
Date the BirthNovember 1, 1975
Place that BirthHuntsville, Alabama, unified States
Height1.75 m
EducationUniversity of north Alabama, London main Elementary High School
SpouseCaroline Merrin Fisher (m. 2005)
ChildrenEan Jacob Bice, Caleb James Bice, Merrin Elizabeth joy Bice, Aidan Michael Bice
ParentsHarold Elwin Bice, Nancy Bice
SiblingsJohn Cohran, Matthew Bice, Candace Bice, Sharan Downes, Jenny Downes
AwardsTeen choice Award for an option TV Male fact Star
AlbumsThe real Thing, view the Light, new Soul Revival, 3
NominationsBillboard Music Award for Top-Selling hot 100 song of the Year
TV ShowsAmerican Idol

1While living with his family in London, England, he was a neighbor to Ozzy Osbourne.
2Third kid Ean Jacob born January 22, 2010.
3Him, Constantine Maroulis, and also Taylor Hicks space the earliest contestants come audition and also compete on American Idol.
4Lives in Nashville.
5Second son, Caleb, was born on respectable 5, 2008.
6Has a son, Aidan Michael Bice (born September 24, 2005)
7Met his wife when he functioned as a guitar keep clerk and frequented the Ragtime café in Hoover, Alabama whereby she worked as a waitress.
8Has performed and recorded through Allman Brothers band keyboardist Johnny Neal.
9His grandmother, "Granny Madge", showed up on promos for American Idol on Fox in his hometown, Huntsville, Aalabama.
10He gets the nickname "Bo" indigenous Humphrey Bogart. His family said the looked favor the actor when he to be a baby, and the nickname has actually stuck ever before since.
11Lead singer because that the tape Sugar Money.
12He is a indigenous of Alabama, though he lived in Atlanta for several years.

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13He when opened because that the renowned "80s rock band Warrant.