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The 40th yearly Boggy Bayou Mullet Festival will be held October 21-23 in Niceville, Florida - The nicest little city in the South! entertainment headliners include: chase Bryant, Justin Moore, Confederate Railroad, Joe Diffie. The yearly festival honoring the mullet began in 1976 together a tiny event unheard of outside of Niceville. Today, the Mullet Festival is among the South’s most commemorated festivals and also in 2011 was called one the the height 12 food festivals in the nation.

For plenty of folks life in and also around Niceville, the Mullet Festival is a reunion that sorts. It’s an occasion that brings the townsfolk with each other at the same time and also place every year, permitting them come renew old friendships and celebrate through their neighbors. For others, it’s an chance to have actually some family members fun v the kids. The festival caters to households and always keeps the youngsters entertained v such points as clowns, pony rides and also other funny attractions.

The Boggy Bayou Mullet Festival has come to be one that the South’s ideal known country music events. In current years the Festival has actually featured nationally known country acts in a small, festival atmosphere. Of course anyone who involves the Mullet Festival has actually something to eat! with an incredible selection of menu selections native dozens of concessions, anyone is sure to find a tempting treat come try. Seafood, global foods, Cajun and also country cooking, and also other festival fare will be accessible in good variety and also abundance!

A couple of menu items as well as fried and also smoked mullet have included such diverse options as sautéed garlic herbed shrimp, alligator ~ above a stick, crawfish bread, Oysters Rockefeller, BBQ, shrimp tempura, and also hot to apologize dumplings through ice cream. There are numerous interesting non-alcoholic drinks, frozen drinks, coffee drinks, and soft frozen drinks.

A large arts and also crafts show will make for some distinct Christmas shopping between eating and also watching the entertainment. This is a juried present which functions only original, high-quality work. All exhibitors are eligible because that the “Best of Show” purchase Award. Also, hand-made or decorated clothing will be easily accessible in the Boutique section.

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Mullet Festival Hours: Friday, Oct 17 - 12 NoonSaturday, Oct 18 - 9 A.M.Sunday, Oct 19 - 10 A.M. Family Day Admission Prices:The price of join to the 2016 Boggy Bayou Mullet Festival includes every one of the live entertainment, consisting of the headlining acts. It does not include games or rides. The cost of admission varies, relying on the day. Youngsters age 11 and under space admitted in ~ no charge. Breakthrough sale ticket are obtainable at a discounted price.

2016 continual Admission:

$15 Friday$15 Saturday$10 SundayAges 11 & under FREE

2016 advance Tickets: $10 Available virtual here 

Niceville’s yearly salute to the mullet - the fish, not the haircut! This hugely well-known three-day festival draws tens of thousands of world from across the South and also beyond. Large name entertainment, food, beer, arts and crafts, children’s rides and activities and more. Visit www.mulletfestival.com for much more info.