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This was a nice and also wholesome hentai. The was sweet native Mio to come to be a nurse in stimulate to it is in closer come Takuya and also it's implied that she chosen her job and she's an extremely skilled too. Mio's fashion sense changed throughout the years, indigenous striped panties to lacy panties. Mio has enough to fuck without she nurse hat falling off. Since Mio's a virgin, ns was surprised that blood didn't come out of she pussy throughout her an initial time through Takuya. Takuya's lucky to have actually a childhood friend later on turned wife who secretly gives him some added special services. When Takuya recovered, he decided to display Mio his love for her and also to salary her ago long prior to she obtained a fever as his wife by topping her throughout sex, what a chad.

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WHOLESOMEJust a wholesome, vanilla, childhood girlfriend hentai. The story revolves around two childhood friend that fulfill up in ~ a hospital, and also through a series of events the girl ends up nursing the dude. Unlike a most vanilla hentai, the guy isn't a cardboard cutout guy, the is kinda median looking however he's still above average. Girl is cute that course, and also the computer animation is nice good. I will say that the sound was kind of distracting though. There's this weird piano music the keeps playing in the background, and also while it was fitting, it just didn't feel fitting for a hentai. It's prefer it to be trying to it is in a scenic japanese movie except for the fact that it's a hentai.Overall, ns really appreciated it. It was wholesome, you deserve to still fap come it, and also no poor plot twists.