after weeks the non-existence or quick cameos, Nick Jonas is ago in full force as Boone Clemens in illustration 9 the "Scream Queens." I"m surprised that it"s taken this lengthy for his personality to reappear considering the months of promo special him. And unfortunately for Boone—and every one of us— the backstabbing isn"t exclusive come the Kappa house.

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Boone Clemens (Nick Jonas) was walking about pretending to be Joaquin Phoenix till Chanel #3 (Billie Catherine Lourd) discovered him and also thought he to be a ghost—the ghost of "dead gay" Boone. Denise Hemphill (Nicey Nash) has some screwed up Japanese scary stories, and we should all fear the Kappa comes up indigenous the toilet and snatching us up by ours vaginas. Boone to be responsible because that kidnapping Zayday Williams (Keke Palmer), and also he "appeared" to heras the ghost of directly dead Boone, tryingto convince her to sleep through him. Boone murdered Earl Grey (Lucien Laviscount) since (1) that was date Zayday; (2) Boone is the Red adversary killer and also that’s what that does; and (3) clearly Boone was intimidated by Earl’s abs. Boone was among the 2 Kappa bathtub babies, pretended to it is in gay and also learned to slow-moving his heart rate down to trick a coroner right into thinking he to be dead. Hester Ulrich (Lea Michelle) pretended to be pregnant after ~ she uncovered out the Chad Radwell (Glen Powell) request Chanel Oberlin (Emma Roberts) come go residence with him for Thanksgiving and also not her, so that Chad would be forced to marry Hester and also not Chanel. Chanel pushes Hester under the stairs, after Hester is caught in the pregnancy web of lies, however we’re tho not sure if she dead. And we have the right to thank the "Scream Queens" society media manager for using a inquiry mark and also not one exclamation mark.

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RT come say goodbye come Boone, once and for all...