Boscia No Pores No shine T-Zone therapy is a multitasking treatment for reduce the figure of pores and also controlling shine. It instantly tightens pores and also treats blackheads while help both end up being less visible end time. This product likewise controls oil and also shine every day, imparting skin’s texture v a silky, soft-focus finish. I passed this product to Fatin to testimonial as I want to uncover out even if it is it’d successfully manage the oiliness of she skin and also hopefully create a an ext matte appearance.

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I’m always on the look the end for the ‘IT‘ primer or makeup base because that my oily skin. No that I’m not happy v my existing one however it’s an excellent if I might get an exceptional one. Ns think I already knew what to intend from Boscia No Pores No bright T-Zone Treatment.

It is a multi-tasking treatment that soon reduces the illustration of pores and blackheads while maintaining them much less visible end time. It mattifies oil and also shine all day together it smoothes skin’s texture, leave a soft focus.



The main ingredients that consist of this primer space Artichoke sheet Extract, Silica, Burdock source Jojoba Leaf and Willowherb. The minute I observed Silica when I to be looking through the ingredients I had actually a emotion this product wouldn’t work-related as intended on my skin. I would certainly say it’s similar to Smashbox’s photo Finish structure Primer and Urban degeneration Complexion primer Potion – pore Perfecting, both of which space silicone based and also didn’t work all too well with maintaining my skin shine complimentary or much more like keeping my makeup on at all.

It comes in a pump dispenser which is good at regulating the amount you desire to use. Therefore no wastage. The texture is light and also is easily applied onto the skin. It has actually a slim cooling sensation upon application. Ns noticed the it go lessen the illustration of pores slightly however obviously to put it come the test, I applied my structure of selection over the primer.


Everything went down hill from climate on. I know I stated I desire shine complimentary skin however this was something else. After using my foundation I noticed that my complexion appeared dull however somewhat matte. It likewise seems to boost lines. About 1 hour later I can feel my skin gaining oily yet it additionally felt as though the oils couldn’t come approximately the surface, which made my makeup look yes, really heavy. One hour after that, ns noticed my makeup, foundation and all coming to be a tad blotchy and also needless to say regardless of blotting, the makeup come sliding off my challenge eventually. Looked really weird! In fact I had actually the same experience with the UD and also Smashbox primers.

Although the description says that is deserve to either be used under or over makeup, I only tried it over makeup as I don’t an intricate applying anything rather over mine makeup specifically if it’s a silicone based product.

So ns have concerned a conclusion the silica/silicone based primers just does not occupational on my skin. I will stick come my present mousse base because that now.

This product is paraben free, dermatologist tested and also pH balanced. The is totally free of preservatives, alcohol, fabricated fragrances and colourants. This product to be made without pet testing or pet ingredients.

If you carry out want to try Boscia No Pores No bright T-Zone Treatment, the is easily accessible at Sephora outlets at RM139 (30ml).

Fatin’s note: Product listed by Juniper’s Journal.

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Editor’s note : many thanks to Fatin for the review & pics. Product was listed by Sephora PR because that review.