If girlfriend tuned right into last night\"s 4476mountvernon.com First: \"The Twilight Saga: break Dawn - component 2\" featuring stars Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner, you not only obtained a sneak peek at their hotly anticipated November 16 release, but also a very first look in ~ (listen to?) the clandestine screenplay because that follow-up \"Breaking Dawn - component 3.\" never ever mind the it was in reality penned through 4476mountvernon.com News\" josh Horowitz and clearly not sanctioned by collection author Stephenie Meyer.

And despite its not authorised status, the trio was willing to carry out a cold read-through the the script—a read-through that, if we\"re gift honest, went off the rails quite quickly. In fact, the cast didn\"t even make it every the way through their sides. But it\"s okay, since the screenwriter has offered us permission to post the step in its entirety. Examine it the end after the jump!

** \"BREAKING DAWN - component 3\" **

JACOB: Wow, ns can’t believe it’s to be a year since all that stuff taken place with all those crazy vampires.

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BELLA: pardon me, \"crazy vampires?!?\" At least we don\"t go approximately falling in love through babies. Weirdo.

EDWARD: speak of which, where is Renesmee?

BELLA: Oh just off doing child things favor murdering deer in the forest.

JACOB: Edward, those wrong? you look worried or in pain.

BELLA: nothing worry. That’s how he constantly looks.

EDWARD: No, I sense something. Ns think we have actually a visitor.

JOSH: excuse me, sorry to interrupt. The door was open. Ns bigshot modeling scout mock Powers.

BELLA: How deserve to we aid you, Mr. Powers?

JOSH: Bella, we love her look. Her pale nearly ghostly complexion. Those eyes the scream i’ve just had actually a REALLY unstable night. My agency loves you. We want you to version for us.

JACOB: Her?!? What about me? have you viewed my abs?

EDWARD: Um, pardon me, I\"m the one whose chest has been defined as \"cold marble.\"

JOSH: it’s Bella we want! she’s going to it is in a star!

BELLA: however I don’t want to be a star! I just want to feed on the blood that animals and hang out through my hot eternally young husband.

JACOB: Yeah! She desires a normal life!

BELLA: i can’t think this is happening!

EDWARD: nothing be upset, spider monkey. Josh, ns think you should be going.

JOSH: Oh? Or what?

EDWARD: Or okay tear your head off and also drink the blood from your dead carcass. I will certainly go Bryce Dallas Howard on her ass.

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JOSH: same Enough. I can display myself out.

What carry out you think of the \"Breaking Dawn - component 3\" screenplay? would certainly you salary $10 to view this top top the huge screen? Tell united state in the comments and also on Twitter!