If you desire to complete the Suma Sahma Shrine in Breath of the Wild you"ll should finish The Secret of the Snowy Peak. Here"s how!

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Although Breath of the Wild does not have actually dungeons in the traditional sense that led to many type of gamers to autumn in love with the Legfinish of Zelda series in the initially area, it does, instead, have 120 Temples to finish as well as 42 linked Shrine Quests that lock particular Shrines behind story occasions or various other puzzles. One of these side searches is The Secret of Snowy Peaks, which unlocks the Suma Sahma Shrine as soon as completed.

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In execution, this quest is straightforward, though it might test the player"s patience in some regards. The reality, but, is that The Secret of Snowy Peaks is a simple search to miss if players aren"t proactively trying out everywhere they have the right to go and the quest itself needs some awareness of Link"s surroundings that not all players will certainly possess.

Where To Begin The Quest

Mountain Peak Cabin journal BOTW
To begin this pursuit, Link should find the derelict Mountain Peak Log Cabin, found in between Daval Peak and also Mount Granajh. The quickest method to get tright here is to fast-take a trip to the Lake Tower, or if players have uncovered it, the Ishto Sho Shrine and head southwest towards the highest top of the mountain, between Ishto Sho Shrine and the South Lomei Labyrinth. From here, there have to be a burnt-out structure through a campfire at its heart and a book laying open up on a pedestal. Reading this book will certainly tell the story of a researcher trying to find the secret of the area, as they are encouraged that they deserve to open the way to the Shrine if they number out its puzzle.

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Although the diary is rather vague, the core of the message is that the Shrine needs Link to "actors a cold shadow" on the Shrine pedestal in order to raise the Shrine from the ground. This clue is additionally somewhat vague, yet tright here are clues all approximately the cabin as to what Link requirements to execute to activate the Shrine. The general principle is to stand also in front of the pedestal while holding a huge enough snowball, wait for the sunlight to show up behind Link, and place the snowball so that it is in line through the center of the pedestal.

Snowy Peak Shrine Pedestal BOTW
Even if players know what they are doing, finding the pedestal itself is a tiny tricky, especially if they traveled from the eastern side of the cabin. Due to the fact that tbelow are numerous big rock formations at the height of the mountain, and also the reality that many equivalent Shrine puzzles are found at the greatest allude of a hill, many type of players may start in search of the pedestal up tbelow. While tbelow are numerous enemies and also a Korok hiding on the tallest formation, there is no Shrine in this direction.

The pedestal is actually extremely easy to miss out on and uncovered right behind the abandoned cabin, facing southeastern and also collection into the side of the cliff. Once the pedestal has actually been uncovered, Link will need to pick up among the handful of snowballs that litter the area and also wait for the sunlight to actors a shadow in the correct spot. Unfortunately, this will bring about some time sindicate standing about and waiting for the right time, as, although there is a campfire in the cabin wbelow Link deserve to wait, tbelow is no means to wait until a specific time. The a lot of efficient means is to wait until noon, grab the snowsphere, acquire into position, and also perform something else for a couple of minutes till the shadow is in the appropriate position. Before this, but, players need to execute one more point.

Scurrently Lizalfos and also Stalmoblin in BOTW
This area of Hyascendancy is crawling through monsters, everything from Lizalfos and also Stalfos to Chuchu and Lynels are hiding roughly the location. Lizalfos and Stalfos have the right to be particularly annoying, as they can leap at Link and also damage the snowballs extremely easily without the player even realizing they were tbelow at all. Players have the right to acquire approximately this by wearing either the Lizalfos Mask or Majora"s Mask if they have actually discovered it, though the easiest means to protect against shedding valuable snowballs is to defeat every one of the opponents in the area.

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Tright here is one Lizalos hiding just in front of the pedestal, though tright here is also one that have the right to attack Link from behind if players aren"t paying attention. If players came from the optimal of the hill behind the cabin, they might likewise gain attacked by Lizalfos that hide up on that component of the mountain as well. Once tbelow is bit chance of being assaulted by adversaries, Link deserve to stand patiently through a snowsphere over his head unit the shadow reaches the right place, which is somewhere in between 4 pm and 6 pm, depending on wbelow the player chooses to stand.

Suma Sahma Shrine BOTW
If the player stands in the appropriate spot, they will certainly need to stay in the position for a number of secs while the pedestal glows in order for the Suma Sahma Shrine to increase from the ground, coming out on the opposite side of the cabin. If the Shrine pedestal isn"t glowing even though it appears as though the snowball"s shadow is in the ideal area, the snowsphere might not be massive enough to cast the shadow correctly and also needs to be made bigger. This is rather difficult to do without accidentally rolling it dvery own the hill, but it deserve to be made easier by pushing it towards the cabin quite than away from it, though players have to be cautious if the campfire is still lit.

Once the Shrine shows up, the side quest will be completed and players deserve to enter the Shrine, take the Geruexecute Scimitar inside the chest, and get their Spirit Orb reward from the Sheikah monk.

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