This is a guide to the Shrine Quest, Test that Will, in Legend of Zelda: Breath that the Wild. Right here you can find the search walkthrough, wherein to begin Test that Will and also all quest rewards.

How to begin Test that Will

Test of will certainly Location

search Giver ar
Mount Nabooru

Test of will certainly Walkthrough

Guide Overview

Look because that Bayge
Endure the Heat
Look for Bayge
Talk to Bayge to start the quest. He have the right to be discovered northwest the Mount Nabooru.

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Endure the Heat

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Endure the heat
Before you action onto the ring, prepare some food or elixirs that provides Heat Resistance. Girlfriend can additionally equip the Desert Voe collection of armor if you have actually it to protect yourself from the heat.

Endure the flames
Drink a Fireproof Elixir if you have one, as you are not allowed to undertake heat-resistant armor because that the second challenge. If friend don"t have actually the elixir, you can eat food to regain your mind occasionally. after you finish both challenges, a shrine will arise from the ground, and that completes the quest.

Test the Will quest Rewards

Complete the shrine pursuit to unlock the Joloo Nah Shrine.

Adventure log Entries

This is a full list that the Adventure log entries because that Test the Will.

entrance Entry text
Quest Start The Goron Blood brothers have tested you to a check of will. The rules room simple... The challenger who deserve to handle the intense warm within the ring because that the longest without leaving the ring is the winner. They speak that"s every there is to it, but...
1st Update "A true Goron has actually a barrel because that a chest and also a heart the size of his biceps. Gearing up accordingly and having actually your hearts to fill up prior to competing is the key, brother!" -Bayge
2nd Update You"ve been tested to an also hotter check of will. The 3 brothers admitted loss before, but this time you"ll need to make sure you"ve go part serious warmth resistance if you want to match their will in the scorching ring.
3rd Update "A true Goron needs psychological fortitude, physical fortitude, and spiritual fortitude. This next test is beyond anything everyone has ever attempted. You"ve worked out how come protect against heat....right, brother?" -Heehl
Quest Clear After you endured the cook test, a shrine suddenly appeared.

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"So sweaty... Brother..."- KabettaOh, that"s all from Kabetta? That"s also bad, brother...

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