The boy of a professional bull driver turned stuntman; C.Thomas Howell started working in the film market at the age of seven. In1981, he was cast of ‘Tyler’ in Steven Spielberg’s E.T. The ExtraTerrestrial. Quickly thereafter, the nabbed the command in Francis FordCoppola’s classic, The Outsiders, starring opposite the likes that Diane Lane,Patrick Swayze, Matt Dillon, and Tom Cruise. It was Howell’s grippingperformance together the tough, yet vulnerable ‘Ponyboy Curtis’ in The Outsiders thatmade that a household name essentially overnight.

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Earmarked as one of the many promising young actors on the1980s, Howell’s career soon skyrocketed with duties in films such as the coldwar invasion drama Red Dawn, the mental thriller The Hitcher,and the hilarious but controversial college farce Soul Man. Since then,Howell has remained in consistent need with filmmakers because that the last thirty years,appearing in favorites such together That Night, Gettysburg, and Hidalgo.

Howell has discovered himself cast in number of recurring functions inthree popular television series such as: Outcast because that Cinemax TV, Stitcherson Freeform TV and also Showtime’s Ray Donovan. Howell has appeared in theMarvel/Netflix series, the Punisher and also the hit CBS-TV collection SealTeam. Howell can additionally be checked out in the CW’s Dynasty series, CBS’ McGyverand AMC’s Walking Dead. He likewise co-starred opposite Woody Harrelson inthe plunder Reiner directed function film LBJ. Additionally, Howell additionally hadrecurring functions on NBC’s long-running drama collection The Blacklist withJames Spader and also Bravo’s Girlfriends overview to Divorce.

Howell co-starred together the unpredictable Officer invoice “Dewey”Dudek in the TNT Smash hit drama series Southland and also appearingin a special episode the Hawaii 5-0 while likewise making number of guestappearances together the serial killer, “The Reaper” ~ above CBS’ Criminal Minds.His plenty of television appearances encompass The Glades on A&E also asTorchwood top top the Starz Channel and TNT’s Animal Kingdom. That alsoplayed a key role in Sony’s blockbuster film, The remarkable Spider-Man.

Most recently, Howell reprised his role of Ray, in Season11, the final season of the Walking Dead. He also finished filming thebiographical historical drama film Reagan, where he dram thecontroversial politician, Casper Weinberger. The movie is reserved for 2022release.

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Outside of his exhilaration career, Howell is an completed teamroper, enjoys a good game of golf, loves play his guitar and also writing songsand safety as lot time as feasible on the ranch and being v his family.