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We’ve had the principle of making amazing live performance videos in ours mind for rather some time. The an initial one us shot was the among “I Can’t walk On there is no You,” which to be shot in a quick span between storms in a tiny church in west Iceland. We’re really fortunate to have this type of see in our “backyard” in Iceland. (from interview v Suburban roadways Magazine)
"It"s a an extremely intimate and an individual song that we think a lot of of human being will connect with in their very own way," (from FADER interview)
(interview through Sound the Boston)K: “I Can’t go On there is no You” music video clip was filmed in a small church in west Iceland. Could you call us exactly how you found the church, and what the was prefer to document there? walk you need to wait for the an are to warm up, or to be it already heated once you arrived? I know unsteady temperatures can be tricky for keeping string instruments in tune.​JJ: The church is an extremely old and well-known to locals. It was absolutely freezing the whole time and did not really warmth up. Acquiring in to be tricky too, because the door was frozen and also we had some trouble opened it.
Búðarkirkja Churchis on the southern coastline of theSnæfellsnes Penninsula in western Iceland. It is also called the black Church ofBúðir.
Bjarki S
​(info fromIceland Aurora photo Tours)The Buðir black color church is just one of 3 black color churches in Iceland. They room black since the exterior timber is painted through pitch, similar to the hull the a boat. This is to defend it from the harsh iceland elements. This works reasonably well and also buildings treated in this method have made it through over 100 years.This Lutheran format can it is in seen anywhere Iceland.The church below is special. There has been a church here since 1703. When the importance of Buðir together a trading short article declined, the hamlet was claimed to no much longer be a parish. A instead of church was needed, yet not forthcoming indigenous the church.One mrs fought and won the King’s permission to build a new church… Steinunn Lárusdóttir. When her church was completed in 1848, a plaque asserted the Buðir black church was develop without the help of the “Fathers”, in other words, there is no any assist from the Lutheran Church. The church which stands there currently is a repair of Steinunn Lárusdóttir’s church. And also it serves as a reminder that the strong Icelandic woman and her determination.

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