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Can you charge your smartphone using a lemon?

Can you usage your cerebral fluid to unlock your car?

Can you rise your broadband using only a beer can?

4476mountvernon.4476mountvernon.comm has unearthed some of the weirdest myths in modern technology – and also put them to the test.

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Myth #1 – Leaving your Smartphone On charge All the moment Kills The Battery

We"ve every heard this one before – leaving your smartphone plugged into the wall after it has finished charging will destroy the battery.

Fortunately it"snottrue.

Modern smartphones are clever sufficient to know exactly when they"ve had enough juice.

As soon as her smartphone has had its to fill – strength will protect against flowing come the battery.

4476mountvernon.4476mountvernon.comm NEWSPAPERS

Leaving her smartphone on fee all night will certainly not break the battery, phew

Some technology experts believe leaving the phone on a 4476mountvernon.comnstant fee for a few weeks have the right to have a an unfavorable impact top top the battery.

But leaving her smartphone top top the bedside room to charge overnight will not affect your battery life.


Myth #2 – You have the right to Use her Head to extend Your Wireless an essential Fob

This is one to test the end in a packed vehicle pack at rush hour …

It turns out placing your wireless car crucial fob versus your holy place will expand the range of the unlock signal.

Provided girlfriend don"t mind looking like a plonker – this trick can be a good way to find a lost car in a busy car park.

The cheat works many thanks to the fluids swirling in your skull.

4476mountvernon.4476mountvernon.comm NEWSPAPERS

The fluids in your head can provide the wireless signal from your car vital a boost

These cerebral fluids work-related as a 4476mountvernon.comnductor and amplifier to the an essential fob"s signal.

Bonus Tip– opened your mouth as large as possible will extend the signal also further.


Myth #3 – leaving Your game Disk In her 4476mountvernon.comnsole Overnight Is negative For It

CDs, DVDs and video clip Games – civilization are easy to understand nervous about leaving their media in their particular players for long periods.

Luckily over there is no evidence that this damages your disks.

For example, Microsoft go warn client to remove their disks before standing or relocating their 4476mountvernon.comnsoles.

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But as lengthy as the 4476mountvernon.comnsole chin doesn"t relocate – there shouldn"t be any kind of issue through a disc lying within the player.

However that is feasible for older CD players to damage a decaying if it is left paused for an extended period of time.


Myth #4 – raising a home Broadband Signal with A Beer Can

Blue Peter would certainly be very proud the this DIY technology myth.

Slicing an north beer can and curling it approximately your home broadband router is rumoured to rate up your wifi 4476mountvernon.comnnection.

4476mountvernon.4476mountvernon.commdecided to test this myth and drank a deserve to of beer responsibly to view whether the aluminium 4476mountvernon.comuld act together a wifi extender.

4476mountvernon.4476mountvernon.comm NEWSPAPERS

A sliced beer can does not boost the power of her wifi signal

We make the efforts a number of speed tests with and also without the beer have the right to wrapped about the router.

Unfortunately – the can made no difference to our download and upload speeds.


Myth #5 – have the right to You charge A Smartphone making use of a Lemon?

A fast YouTube search will disclose how plenty of people think this prominent technology myth.

Ac4476mountvernon.comrding to the citrus-flavoured myth, plugging her smartphone into the lemon can give your depleted battery a much-needed boost.

But once we plugged our brand-new Samsung Galaxy S6 right into the juicy yellow fruit, all we gained was a very soggy USB cable and also no extra power.

It is feasible to fill your smartphone battery v lemon juice however you need much more than one humble fruit. A many more.

4476mountvernon.4476mountvernon.comm NEWSPAPERS

You"d need at least 120,000 lemons to recharge the Samsung Galaxy S6

A dozen lemon will provide a weak 5 volts of charge for her smartphone.

At this rate, it"d take it a little over 5,000 hours – or 209 work – to charge the smartphone.

To make matters worse, the lemons would certainly run out of juice after about 30 minute charging the device.

That way you"d need120,000 lemonsto recharge her handset using just fruit juice.

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Probably finest to stick through the old faithful plug socket,eh?


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