Granite is among the most long lasting countertop products you could pick for your kitchen. Under regular circumstances, girlfriend can’t damage a granite countertop v the warm from a hot pan or pot.

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Mohs range is the measure up unit because that mineral hardness. Granite has actually a ranking of 6 ~ above the measure up of Hardness scale. This rank indicates the strength and also density that granite materials. The hardest mineral uncovered in the nature is Diamond and also it scale at 10.

The formation of Granite


Block of granite extracted from the quarry

Granite products are in reality igneous rock, which creates from a process of too much heat and also then cooling to produce the hard and dense granite. Because of the means granite forms, it own a one-of-a-kind resistance to damages from heat. Granite will certainly not melt, also from straight flame used to it.

Please keep in mind the reality that melting suggest of Granite is 2210o come 2300o F(1210o to 1260o Celsius) vice versa, you cook your steak at roughly 350o to 450oF (177o come 232o Celsius). You might feel more comfort around granite’s warm resistant properties once you understand that stole starts melt at 2498o F (1370o C).

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Granite’s warmth Resistance

Granite will resist damage from heat. A warm pan approximately 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit will not damage granite, also if you place the pan directly onto the granite counter. Severe heat resource over an extended period could damage granite surface. The damage that could occur would involve a slim softening of the granite, which might lead come discoloration or gouges in an extreme scenario.

Normal kitchen work that indicate baking in the oven and cooking ~ above the stovetop will not develop pots or pans that are hot sufficient to damage granite, but the warm pots could take turn off the coat of the sealant indigenous the surface ar making it breakable for future stains.

Granite materials pull warmth away native items. This means that put a warm casserole food onto a granite counter will cause the dish to cool much more quickly since the granite pulls warm away indigenous the warm dish. Yet it is no advisable to use granite countertops because that this purpose.

It is advisable to use warm coasters to ar the warm pots or bowl on the kitchen countertops.

Extreme Temperature Changes

Extreme temperature alters can cause damage come granite under straight exposure.

If you usage granite counters for exterior kitchens that are exposed to warm in the summer and also extreme cold throughout the winters, over there is a possibility of damages to the granite. The good news is the there room some an extremely high thickness granites are easily accessible in the sector for withstanding the harsh conditions of the end usage. Granites that withstand too much weather conditions should be offered for the end kitchens.

A experienced granite installation agency can advise the consumer about the right an option of granite or other natural materials for various purposes.

Remedying Damage

If you pick one spot on a granite respond to for placing exceptionally hot items, over time you may notice discoloration on the granite counter surface. Generally, the discoloration exist on the sealant great on peak of the granite and not on the granite itself.

To fix this damage, apply a restorative dough or fluid product come the granite counter. Obstacle the product into the granite respond to lightly to eliminate the discoloration. Wipe away the product to complete the repair. Consumers can purchase Stonetech shade Enhancer made by DuPont for this purpose.

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