Vagina shaving is a tricky endeavor because the skin close come the vagina is therefore sensitive. Over there are many different opinions on exactly how to shave, but one of the most popular methods involves using a razor and also shaving cream or gel.

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Some human being are came to that this technique can cause irritation and also ingrown hairs, for this reason they use other commodities like hair conditioner in location of soap/shaving cream. The inquiry that regularly comes up because that these people is even if it is or no you must be placing vaseline on your vag after shaving.


Can you usage Vaseline after shaving pubic hair?

Can you use Vaseline after cut pubic hair

Vaseline is a petroleum-based product that has actually been provided by generations to soothe and also protect skin. It can be applied after shaving pubic hair for reassuring relief, or it deserve to be offered as a lubricant during sex for raised pleasure.

Vaseline does no typically cause allergic reactions in many people. Yet there room some who may experience side impacts like redness and also itching when they usage the problem on their skin.

The blog article discusses whether Vaseline need to be used after shaving pubic hair or together a lubricant during sex. The post likewise explains just how using Vaseline may affect someone’s skin with possible side results such together redness and also itching occurring in some cases.

Can you put petroleum jelly on your VAG after shaving?

The concern of even if it is or not you have the right to put petroleum jelly on your VAG after cut is a well-known one, and luckily the answer is yes! Petroleum jelly has plenty of benefits because that those who space looking come moisturize your skin, so don’t be fear to usage it.

However, before using anything new down there, make certain it won’t cause any irritation by doing a patch check first. If you’re tho unsure about putting something new in your personal care routine, ask her doctor and also they will certainly be able to help guide you v some alternatives that would work best for your body type.

What wake up if you put Vaseline on your vag?

This blog post will discover the benefits and risks of using Vaseline together an alternate to quality lubricant. The is essential to keep in mind that this blog short article does no recommend any particular course the action, rather it explores what can happen if someone provides Vaseline in their vagina.

If you room considering make the efforts this at residence or through a partner, please consult with your medical professional first. This write-up is intended just as basic information about the feasible consequences of making use of vaseline as a substitute because that vaginal lubricant.

Do no take noþeles in this post as medical advice and also seek the assist of professionals before making any type of decisions about how to treat yourself or

Is Vaseline good for after ~ shaving?

If you’re searching for something to soothe her skin ~ shaving and prevent rashes, it may be worth considering Vaseline. It deserve to also assist with razor bumps and ingrown hairs. Apply a slim layer ~ above the shave area before bedtime or cover through socks overnight.

If girlfriend don’t want to usage petroleum jelly, there are other alternatives like shea butter or coconut oil that will provide similar benefits. Whether you’re looking to soothe skin that’s to be freshly shave or just need a moisturizer, Vaseline has actually you covered.

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This standard product is wonderful choice for after shaving due to the fact that it offers protection indigenous the cold and also helps protect against redness and also dryness. It additionally leaves your skin feeling soft and also smooth.