Updated: 16 Feb 2021 Product/Version: Worry-Free service Security Standard/Advanced 10.0 Worry-Free business Security Standard/Advanced 7.0 Worry-Free service Security Standard/Advanced 8.0 Worry-Free company Security Standard/Advanced 9.0 Platform: windows 2003 Enterprise home windows 2003 Server R2 home windows 2003 small Business Server windows 2003 small Business Server R2 home windows 2003 conventional Windows 2008 Enterprise windows 2008 Essential company Server windows 2008 Server R2 home windows 2008 small Business Server home windows 2008 typical Windows 2011 tiny Business Server Essentials home windows 2011 little Business Server traditional Windows 2012 Enterprise home windows 2012 Server Essentials windows 2012 net Server Edition home windows 7 32-bit home windows 7 64-bit windows 8 32-bit windows 8 64-bit windows Vista 32-bit windows Vista 64-bit

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When trying to accessibility the Worry-Free company Security (WFBS) internet console, the complying with message appears when you obtain "HTTP Error 500.19 internal Server Error":


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To settle the issue, perform the following steps:

Open the IIS Manager.In the left pane, right-click on the applications Pools folder climate click Add Application Pool.Indicate the adhering to details:Name: Trend.NET CLR Version: v.4.0.xxxxxManaged pipeline mode: IntegratedIn the left pane, broaden the Application Pools.Right-click Trend, then select advanced Settings.Scroll under to the Identity field and select Local System from the dropdown list.For the Predefined option, select local System native the dropdown list.Click OK.In the left pane, increase the Web Sites folder.Right-click OfficeScan, climate click Manage Website > Advanced Settings.For application pool, choose Trend indigenous the dropdown list. If you acquire an inheritance override, choose all.Click OK.Restart the IIS Admin Service. Perform the procedures below:In your desktop, click Start > Run.Alternatively, you can press the Windows crucial + R on her keyboard.In the Open field, form "services.msc", and also then click OK.Look for and select IIS Admin Service, and also click the Restart link, located in the left pane.

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If an Application swimming pool is already configured for the OfficeScan website, examine the permission that web.config to make sure that the Administrator or user logged-in has full manage privileges ~ above the file. Girlfriend can also check the IIS logs to aid determine the root cause if the above steps were not able to help.